In case you didn’t already see the super extensive post of behind the scenes and outtakes (link)… Here is the latest from Wong Fu Productions.

3 short…shorts, about a simple topic; how “technology ruins romance”. What does that mean? Well the idea came from one night, watching a romantic movie, and thinking… waiiit, that totally wouldn’t happen if that story took place in present time. And so this idea was formed. We took the most stereotypical romantic situations (typically in movies or books) and expose that none of them could happen nowadays because technology won’t allow for it. That’s why most of the dramatic love stories we still hear about usually take place in the past.

The 3 of us had a lot of fun making these…be sure to check out the bloopers and all the behind the scenes video and photos. (link

Now don’t get me wrong. Romance still exists…and love stories can still be dramatic and inspiring, they’re just different. Thanks to the interent, thanks to cell phones, thanks to digital photography, social networking, etc etc, it’s a new age of romance, enjoy! “Long lost loves” is sooo 19th century. Pass it on if you agree. =)

UPDATE: I love how we’re getting comments/feedback from people saying that the acting or writing was too cheesy or contrived. Yes, we know. We did that on purpose. It’s called satire. Sorry if you’re a viewer who found that obvious, sometimes we really hafta spell things out for people. sigh.