So this whole announcement is probably completely random to you. “We made a song?” “It’s on itunes?” “What’s this for?” “Why did they think they could rap?!”

Answers will come in due time. But for now… Here’s what you need to know.

  • We made a song with Kevin (KevJumba) and David Choi.
  • David Choi produced the track from beginning to end. He is AMAZING. period.
  • Kevin and Philip “rap” and “sing” on the track with much help from auto tuning and audio filters. David also sings the bridge.
  • This song was made in conjunction with “Funemployed” as part of the story which will be revealed later.
  • There is a music video to the song which will be released at some time.
  • It’s purposely supposed to sound relatively generic.
  • The topic of the song is meant to tease pop songs these days.
  • The song is now available to download on iTunes. Click HERE (link) to support David, Kevin, and Wong Fu. We literally did this with no one backing us, straight collaborating for the sake of it, so your 99 cents are going to a good cause. =P
  • If you want to listen to the FULL song, yes we uploaded it already on YouTube (better us than someone else), you can listen HERE (link)… but still buy.
  • The title TELLS you what to do! It doesn’t get any easier!

Please support and buy the song on itunes! Here’s the LINK again! Let’s make it the #1 pop song!! haha.