The night before the release of our movie “Agents of Secret Stuff” we had a very special event. Rarely do we ever do premiere screenings of any of our work, but we felt A.S.S. was such a big and important project that it definitely deserved one. So even though the movie wasn’t headed for major theatrical distribution, we wanted to have the first showing at a theater. Huge thanks to CGV Cinemas for donating their theater to us to use for the night of our first major premiere! It was an awesome night with tons of special guests: Ryan Higa, KevJumba, David Choi, AJ Rafael, JRA, Andrew Garcia, Cathy Nguyen, Kina Grannis, Clara Chung, Chester See, D-Tix, HiImRawn, KassemG, ShayCarl, LisaNova, The Fine Bros, Quest Crew… the list goes on. We’re so blessed to have had so many friends and fans come out to support!

I’ll let PacificRim Press handle the rest. They did an awesome job covering the show, check out their video… (Sorry we’re not in the videos much, we were crazy busy running the event. Check out official photos at their website HERE (link))

After the show…

What an honor. We are so proud to have work with Ryan and all the other amazing individuals. This project is more than a cute story about an Assassin trying to fit into high school, it’s about the future of entertainment, bridging new media to the mainstream, and the future of WFP. This is just the beginning =)