Sorry it’s been a little quiet on the blog lately, but I sorta feel like we deserve it, haha. Anyway, hope all our American friends had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Our movie “Agents of Secret Stuff” has continued to spread around the interweb and gotten some good attention. I’m quite proud (and I rarely say that).

We made it onto Mashable which is huge. They’re one of the biggest websites when it comes to what’s new and up and coming in social/new media and the web. I actually remember thinking a couple months ago “hm, wonder when WF might get on Mashable…” And here we are. Very cool, thanks Mashable! Click below for their take on the project.

HUGE thanks to YouTube for featuring us on their front page SpotLight! I contributed for a feature in their official blog, which is probably where Mashable got the tip. Click below to read.

We also had AllKpop come out to cover the premiere. They did a really nice job, and we’re always glad to make it onto their huge site, especially because we’re not Korean. (if only WFP had a korean memberrr, haha)

And finally, for the Asian American angle and how this movie effects our community, here’s a really great review on a blog called Asian American TV. They summed things up really well when it comes to why this project was important for AAs in the media and the future for us. Read full article (link)

There were a lot of other great reviews from blogs and such. We’re so grateful for all the support and it just excites me more for our future projects. Can’t wait to bring y’all along for that ride.

Just for fun, here’s a fun video of a guy reviewing A.S.S. all the way from Norway. Isn’t it incredible this time that we’re in? Where a group of friends can independently make a short movie, put it online, and instantly someone around the world can watch and give us feedback? We’re like, in the future…

Thanks “That Norwegian Guy”! There’s something about your video that really made me smile. I like the way he spelled things out very clearly and concisely, while adding editorial one-liners. And he proves he actually knows what he was talking about… even getting my last name’s pronunciation correct! We need more educated YT audience members like this. Trolls ftl!