We’re so proud and glad to finally share with everyone “Kung Fooled”, our newest comedy short starring FreddieW and some special surprise guests! Check it out!

Ok, surprise is over. Huge thanks to Ryan Higa, DeStorm, Nathan Moore and Brandon Laatsch for being a part of this really fun project. The idea first came from an observation we made about Asian stereotypes. Since we often end up touching on the topic while we’re speaking on tour, Wes made a funny point once. Yeah, Asians get stereotyped, but hey, at least the things we’re stereotyped for are “good” things! We’re viewed as being smart, being able to fight, musically gifted, and being able to dance. If you asked me, those are all great talents and qualities! Who wouldn’t wanna be perceived as smart AND dangerous! haha

From this, Philip wrote a script and a couple drafts later, we were ready to shoot.


Working with Freddie was a lot of fun and also made life easier for us. Because him and Brandon are producers/directors themselves, they knew what to do to make editing easier for us, by having awareness of what was being shot, frames and even keeping track of shots. We also like that while many would assume a “collab” with FreddieW means guns and explosions, we didn’t use any. The video didn’t have any VFX, the thing Freddie’s channel is best known for, and we liked that. Instead, we were able to show Freddie’s character at the forefront, and not secondary to the special effects. And we like Freddie’s character. (and ok, we lied, there were a few VFX shots… the flies were computer generated). Hopefully people aren’t disappointed that there were no bazookas or bombs.


This was also our first time working with DeStorm. He’s such a fun character. Definitely check out his channel. Nathan Moore played the first mugger. He’s a writer/director/actor himself with some really quality stuff on his channel. He works with Lana McKissack often, that’s how we met him. And the final guy who ran away at the end was Brandon Laatsch. He’s the 2nd half of the FreddieW channel in case you thought that Freddie was the only guy.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what movie Freddie and Wes were watching in the beginning. It’s called “Greenside” and it was a short film made by our friends Niko and Sam at CorridorDigital a few years ago. If you wanna see more cool fight scenes check it out below. The main guy, Eric, was the fight choreographer for “Agents of Secret Stuff”

Well we hope you enjoyed the videos. And we hope you learned a valuable lesson. Don’t judge a book by its cover! And if you do make a good cover for yourself because they might be judging you too!