What would it be like if adults argued like kids do? What if the courtroom operated on playground rules? We took this idea and decided to make a “legal drama” scene with our own twist, using elementary school insults and arguments in the place of actual litigation methods.


This was a fun one to make because we actually had to go back and think about what we used to say as kids. We made a list of every insult we could think of and then worked with our friend Ivan to utilize them into a story and script. Ivan did a great job creating the “trade backs” story, which was actually based on his own traumatizing experience when he was a kid!


We also really enjoyed working with a lot of new people in this short. Manny has been in several of our past projects (Technology Ruins Romance, Funemployed, Dance to this Song), and Viet was also sort of in one (he was the voice of the photographer in Photo Day). Everyone else was brand new and they were so professional and fun.