Wow, a Wong Fu Productions and Wang Leehom collaboration.

First and foremost, it’s been an honor working with Wang Leehom and his team. We are big fans of Wang Leehom here at Wong Fu Productions so when we first saw the email in our inbox about the possibility of working with one of the most highly visible celebrities in Asia, we were really excited but kind of skeptical about the legitimacy of the email. It didn’t take long until we were talking to Wang Leehom himself and hashing out the details of the music video.

This project moved very fast, and if we wanted to create a finished product worthy of Wang Leehom and mainstream media, we had to give it our all – and we did. We worked tirelessly for three weeks, developing the concept for the music video, traveling to Taiwan for the actual production of the music video, traveling back to California to finish up the edit and visual effects. We couldn’t have done it all without the help of Wong Fu Productions’ very own Christine Chen (Assistant Producer) and Derrick Lee (Visual Effects). Special thanks to Phenomena Productions and Wang Leehom.

We hope you enjoy the music video!

** Wong Fu Productions is grateful to be busy with many exciting new projects. Ted stayed behind to make sure we remained on track and didn’t miss a beat during the international portion of the project.