Over the past month or so we’ve been in WFW “Tour” mode, releasing the videos we took covering our international tour earlier this year. So If you’re from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines or Australia, these videos are completely dedicated to you. We had a blast visiting your countries and cities and watching these videos just brings us back. It wasn’t that long ago, but if you want to relive the fun, from our perspective, or you’re just curious about traveling over there, check out this series! Oh, and yes, it’s clear that someone’s missing in the photo up there, and the videos. Yeah, unfortunately Ted was unable to travel with us at this time due to personal reasons. We’ll hafta bring him along next time!

  • kae

    cool new layout! :D The photo up there was taken in Malaysia! I was right in front of you guys taking the same shot ! hihi.

  • Sophie

    LOVE TEH NEW WEBSITE!!!! wish i wan in malaysia or indonesia at the time to see u guys!!

  • James

    How come Teds barely in any tour? :/

    • Sinthia Shabnam

      they said “due to personal reasons, ted was unable to come with us this time”

  • David Chen

    Come to Sydney! :) We love you guys :D

  • Adeline

    come to singapore again!! :D