Ready to show off your skills? We’re having a Facebook Cover Photo Contest for all you creatives out there! Whether you’re a budding graphic designer, pro photographer or just enjoy doodling for fun, this is your chance to share your work! It’s simple!

How to enter:*

1. Make an image inspired by your favorite Wong Fu work (a short, music video, WFW, quote, all of the above, anything!). Make it funny, or pretty, or slick…make it your own. Image size must be 851 x 315 pixels!

2. Upload your photo to our Facebook Fanpage timeline.

3. Submissions end on Sept 21 (You can submit as many as you want, but it will be up to our discretion how many from the same artist to move into the next round.)

4. We’ll choose the most outstanding cover photo from the wall and put them into an album.

Vote to win!
    • The Top 3 with the most LIKES will win $50 to AreYouANiceGuy store and be featured: Get your friends to help vote you up!
    • In addition to the 3 winners Wes, Phil and Ted will pick one more winner with a great cover photo.



1. Starting October, we’ll feature the winners as our main cover photo for a few days

2. All winners will receive $50 to the AreYouANiceGuy store!

We will try to run this contest every other month. So no pressure, be creative, have fun!

  • ella

    i really love this, except for the ‘most likes’ part.. I never win those things :(

    • Ted Fu

      Maybe we’ll pick yours, don’t get discouraged it’ll still make it to our photo album for everyone to see and appreciate :)

      • Maheen Sohail

        Do the ones with highest votes get picked once you guys put them in an album? OR before? :)

      • Ella Golubkova

        yeeh thanks for replying! now I’m kinda encouraged :D

    • Angel

      just give ur best shot.. you are amazing.. ^_^

    • Jean Kow

      ..same here. I can never bring myself to go around asking people to like my stuff, even if I asked them to only like it if they like it. :(

  • Karen Rodriguez

    I’m not good at editing but I’ll try my best!

  • Ivan Chen

    sounds fun!

  • Josh Palma

    Oo exciting~

  • Pauline Lo

    Does it require the number of likes to be selected into the photo album? Voting only starts when you guys put the selected ones into an album right? :) Thanks for organising this anyway! love the idea :)

    • Pauline Lo

      anyone knows? >< Need some help here :)

  • victoria

    sigh i rlly dont kno how to upload pictures, im rlly stupid w/ computers. #technologyruinsromance. lol well hopefully i can figure something out….?

    • Ivan Chen

      did u do yours on the computer or on paper? :O
      if you did it on paper and you have a camera, you could take a picture of it, upload it, and resize it in paint to 851 * 315 , but if u did yours on the computer, you can just put it into paint and resize instead of taking a picture xD

      • victoria

        i plan on doing it on paper. its just the uploading it to my computer n posting it n trying to get it to the right size im gonna have trouble w/… i wish i was better w/ art n computers…. my life would b easier. haha sigh. #stupidtech

        • Ivan Chen

          i hope u do not encounter any problems when u do do it :)
          good luck :D !
          lols im not very good at editing photos on a computer either

  • Lilly

    How do I submit a photo? Also can I draw it?

  • Matt

    Made a few c;
    but it’s as good as the other ones + with that likes. But hopefully you’ll guys like it. c:

  • Ryan Higa

    maybe i should enter this contest

    • giselavish

      Oh my ghad. Ryan Higa will be my fellow participant? asdfghjk Bring it on! TEEHEE! ♥

  • grapejuice maker

    i’m from the philippines, can i enter?

  • Siansims

    Only USA? I come from Thailand.

  • Cristia Wu

    hmmm i dont hav facebook :( (( parents so strict… maybe ill try another time when i got facebook :D


      heeeyyy :b found ya

      • Cristia Wu

        hahaha! you didnt tell me you replyed!! hmmm no no never tell me. i wanna be surprised :) ))

  • nadchee

    When do the voting start? At the wall? Or in the album?

    • SE

      i already start mine in wall :( aaaaa guys, need some answer heree.. :(

  • Yasmine Louii Young

    Will do Wong Fu! c: You guys are my inspirations and role models, and I hope to be a film maker just like you <3 May the best win!

  • MT

    Am I too late to still enter? Didn’t see this till now!

  • stusha

    what happened to the rest of the winners? ):

  • Cat

    hi ted..just wondering will the remaining 3 winners be announced any soon?