The idea for “The Last” is one that I’ve had for a couple years. It first sprouted right around when Wes was finishing up his short “When Five Fell“, dealing with love in the form of the 5 senses. This prompted me to think of other representations of love, eventually leading me to the theme of this short: who, what, when, where, and why. But while I had this concept in my head the past 2 years, I wasn’t able to put the words down on paper and finish it until recently. Let’s just say, the right inspiration came along to give me the ability and mentality to complete the script the right way.

The goal of this short was to speak to both our younger and older audiences. I know Wong Fu Productions has a lot of viewers who are probably just getting their first experiences of what “love” feels like, or what they want it to feel like. To them, I hope this short gives them a sense of hope and something to look forward to. As someone who has been through those younger stages in high school and college, I wrote Harry’s character to have had encounters of meaningful love in those stages of his life, because they are important. Now, still speaking to these younger viewers, many of you may also feel like you have lost the “one true love” of your life. To those I hope this short shows that your future holds others who you have yet to fall in love with (and maybe once again lose). There is time ahead of you, and in this time you will find love in other ways, or perhaps love will return to you, I can’t tell you for certain, but I can tell you not to completely lose yourself in the present, and try to believe that one day you will look back on the ones you’ve “lost” the same way the man in the film does, with understanding and joy.

To the older viewers, you understand this video from a completely different perspective, because you may have you own past of loves. Maybe not, five, but you understand what it means to have a past, those who came before, and what each of those past experiences have taught you. Could you have your own “who”, or “what”, or “why”? Possibly two “whens”? I hope this short can remind you of what you’ve learned from each encounter of love, even if it seemed terrible back then, you have had the gift of time to teach you why it happened, and how you grew from it.

There’s actually one more audience this short hopefully speaks to, and it’s those who have found the “last”. What greater feeling is there to have gone through a journey of years, emotion, heartache, joy, and to realize that the person you are with now is the person that embodies everything you’ve gained and needed from your past? If you are one of these people who are with the man or woman they hope, or are, the last, remember how lucky you are. Remember the time when you didn’t have their presence in your life. Remember…who, what, when, where, why they are your last, and be thankful. For there are many who are still on that journey you were once on. Encourage them; the lost to keep hopeful, the troubled to keep fighting for, and the cynics to keep believing in, love.

That is all I hope “The Last” can mean to people, as a short film, and as someone in their lives.

I apologize, there is no behind the scenes video, production photo gallery, nor “making of” featurette because this was a very personal project, meaning, very small scale as most of our personal projects become. Literally just us and the actors and a camera, sometimes just me and one actor roaming around. I chose locations easy to shoot at where we would hopefully not get caught by security guards, and we recorded the voiceover in my closet. It was an extremely casual, barebones productions. But because we had such an incredible cast, everything turned out spectacularly. Not only were they enormously talented, but they were all down for the low-scale, run-and-gun style, which means a lot. I’m so grateful that all these wonderful people wanted to be a part of this project. And I’m grateful that you the viewer, no matter which category you fit into, enjoyed the piece enough to read all the way to end. Thank you.