The idea for “The Last” is one that I’ve had for a couple years. It first sprouted right around when Wes was finishing up his short “When Five Fell“, dealing with love in the form of the 5 senses. This prompted me to think of other representations of love, eventually leading me to the theme of this short: who, what, when, where, and why. But while I had this concept in my head the past 2 years, I wasn’t able to put the words down on paper and finish it until recently. Let’s just say, the right inspiration came along to give me the ability and mentality to complete the script the right way.

The goal of this short was to speak to both our younger and older audiences. I know Wong Fu Productions has a lot of viewers who are probably just getting their first experiences of what “love” feels like, or what they want it to feel like. To them, I hope this short gives them a sense of hope and something to look forward to. As someone who has been through those younger stages in high school and college, I wrote Harry’s character to have had encounters of meaningful love in those stages of his life, because they are important. Now, still speaking to these younger viewers, many of you may also feel like you have lost the “one true love” of your life. To those I hope this short shows that your future holds others who you have yet to fall in love with (and maybe once again lose). There is time ahead of you, and in this time you will find love in other ways, or perhaps love will return to you, I can’t tell you for certain, but I can tell you not to completely lose yourself in the present, and try to believe that one day you will look back on the ones you’ve “lost” the same way the man in the film does, with understanding and joy.

To the older viewers, you understand this video from a completely different perspective, because you may have you own past of loves. Maybe not, five, but you understand what it means to have a past, those who came before, and what each of those past experiences have taught you. Could you have your own “who”, or “what”, or “why”? Possibly two “whens”? I hope this short can remind you of what you’ve learned from each encounter of love, even if it seemed terrible back then, you have had the gift of time to teach you why it happened, and how you grew from it.

There’s actually one more audience this short hopefully speaks to, and it’s those who have found the “last”. What greater feeling is there to have gone through a journey of years, emotion, heartache, joy, and to realize that the person you are with now is the person that embodies everything you’ve gained and needed from your past? If you are one of these people who are with the man or woman they hope, or are, the last, remember how lucky you are. Remember the time when you didn’t have their presence in your life. Remember…who, what, when, where, why they are your last, and be thankful. For there are many who are still on that journey you were once on. Encourage them; the lost to keep hopeful, the troubled to keep fighting for, and the cynics to keep believing in, love.

That is all I hope “The Last” can mean to people, as a short film, and as someone in their lives.

I apologize, there is no behind the scenes video, production photo gallery, nor “making of” featurette because this was a very personal project, meaning, very small scale as most of our personal projects become. Literally just us and the actors and a camera, sometimes just me and one actor roaming around. I chose locations easy to shoot at where we would hopefully not get caught by security guards, and we recorded the voiceover in my closet. It was an extremely casual, barebones productions. But because we had such an incredible cast, everything turned out spectacularly. Not only were they enormously talented, but they were all down for the low-scale, run-and-gun style, which means a lot. I’m so grateful that all these wonderful people wanted to be a part of this project. And I’m grateful that you the viewer, no matter which category you fit into, enjoyed the piece enough to read all the way to end. Thank you.

  • Zoey Nkaozoua Pang Her

    This was was so amazing, one of your best shorts :)

  • Trevor Yang

    Bravo! I think this is your best piece of work yet Phil

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  • Green Angel

    you guys are great….yah ok….Angel’s worried should I leave?

  • Keiah

    Phil, you could write a book. If that happens, I’ll be the first in line to buy a copy. I thought Strangers, Again was the best but you totally proved me (and probably a million more) wrong. Keep up the good work!

    • Vivian Kwan

      Agreed! Phil could totally be an author. Same with Wes! But it’s a lot more time consuming than video production, not enough time in our lives. :( We are a time-needy generation.

  • EndlessAmbitions

    <3 I fit into the young one, ive been having a sad love life and felt as if there was nothing else to come- as if ive lost the one and only person i could ever love and ive been depressed most of the time. But, thanks to you WFP ive got a bit of courage and hope left in me. Thank you so much, and I love you guys. Whatever you make- itll always be amazing. And please dont stop doing what you love just because some of us dont like it. =)
    Love from,
    A hopeless romantic with endless ambitions.

  • Dar

    Fantastic piece, Phil! I really loved it!

    Btw, congrats on you inspiration as well.. ;-)

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  • Iva

    Lovely short :) Definitely show the beauty of the journey and hope for a great end :) Amazing work Phil ^^

  • Sumi Go

    This is beautiful! I love “Strangers, Again” but this one really spoke to me more. Keep up the great job!

  • Marcelia

    Just brilliant! Everything about it, the ideas, script, cast, writer, producer, director, settings, outfits, accessories….everything! I can see a sequel coming out of this, in a few years time, perhaps.

  • Bernadette Beliebs

    O my gosh! I love this so much! It was amazing!

  • r.marie

    This was beyond meaningful. I love it, Phil. Just exquisite. If love could ever be described, this would be one of the best definitions out there. Very endearing.

  • sze

    Thank you, Phil :) This has definitely made me reflect, and appreciate my fiance even more :)

  • Cheese

    Phil, the video was just overly cheesy, you need to chill out! :)

  • Jolu

    “The Last” has touched me. This is definitely your best work ^_^

  • vivi

    this vid is the best since “Strangers, Again”. very simple but very beautiful.

    However, I find it too unrealistic. That makes “Strangers, Again” still the best vid from your collection. We got enough Disney to cloud our expectations on LOVE….esp this vid is speaking from a guy’s POV…thats even worse…now you are just giving false HOPE to girls out there…its already an uneven battle field.
    “you are all of them and the last one.”…..(i was fine up until that point..i rolled my eyes.) from what i see around us and my personal experience…its only FOR NOW, before she gets put into the “last” category with the others….i don’t wanna say we girls are always the victims..but, you guys aren’t heros….
    but i get where you are going with this..and it is very well done. nevertheless, i enjoyed it very much.

  • Martin

    Phil, you guys never cease to amaze me with your depth and understand of love and life. Its a pleasure viewing your videos. You’re all incredibly gifted and special people.

  • jon

    Loved the video,
    Why were the voiceovers in the closet???

    • Karissa :)


  • Oddy

    Amazing potential and concept. Lana stole the show by conveying so much in so little. If the majority of the story was to be told through non-verbal cues then I’d only hope that the depth/pain/joy in the narration would have been greater. It danced on the line between telling a story and going on a journey. The journey seems so much more important than the facts, conveyed through the lack of names and details. Yet, at some points, I found myself wondering if I was simply looking at a photo shoot with a director explaining his vision or viewing a memory of a lover’s past. I slipped in and out mainly due to the clarity and gravity of the concept. Why is a powerful concept with an emotional attachment. I think then it goes down from when, what, who and then where. Taking the concept of what, but making it focus on the character of the person was probably the best execution of your vision. Where didn’t seem to focus on where so much as a when and your own personal growth. While the whole video is about your growth, when it’s not spelled out but hidden in the memory of the girl, the clip is more focused on the girl and provides a greater connection to the pictures on screen. This is just an amateurs opinion, hoping to give a critically thought out critique. Overall very good work!

  • Shortran

    Phill you did an amazing job!!!.. thankyou so much, this was an amazing short, U and Wong Fu are an inspiration. Keep up the good work!! :)

  • Paul

    I can’t agree with you no more, it makes perfect sense. Thanks for bring us this ‘painful’ joy, I really enjoyed it.

  • Sinthia Shabnam

    This was so touching, you never fail to impress me, or show me a different perspective. We love you!

  • Jeram Hyde

    Thanks for a beautiful, moving short Phil. As someone who has found my ‘last’, I appreciate and love the serious, yet hopelessly romantic, Wong Fu videos. Thanks for making us smile, and to appreciate our loved ones more. :-)

  • Eena

    Phil, and the rest of Wong Fu, thank you so much for always bring us the one that we really need these days, you guys are inspiring and everything that you are doing for us never failed to make us feel that we are important in this whole cycle of life, so thank you so much! I hope I may say this, I hope someday I will see you all and say thank you for everything. :)

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    also… Where is the 4th girl’s location??

  • Paul Tambingon

    That was an amazing skit!!!!

  • Bimbie

    awww, phil <3

  • Krystal Trevino

    Wow. Throughout all the days of the year, this one came up today. I never felt so depressed about a guy. I had a “bf” years ago in high school, but this was different. After I saw this video, I realized he is my “Who”. He was may “fairytale”, infatuation,fantasy. This video helps me believe in the future of the unknown “6th guy” Thank you WongFuProductions for your inspiring short story. :)

  • Chong Moua

    I thought this was going to be filled with classic cheesy lines, but it was the right combination of words and I enjoyed that aspect. I’d say this is another great piece by WFP so great job!!

  • Brandon

    Beautiful… That’s all i can say. You conveyed the meaning perfectly…. :)

  • Jerry Mar

    can you list all the songs you used in your short?

    and by the way, I loved it alot!, but Strangers Again was better (:

  • Mei

    beautifully written phil, i’m deeply moved and motivated to find my “last”. Kudos to Harry for phenomenal acting!

  • elaine

    beautiful short phil, you can feel the heart and pure passion you put into this from the beginning. please continue to inspire us all.

  • ben

    can i have the lyrics please?

  • Ivan

    No Wong Fu, Thank YOU !

  • Khayla Michelle Gray

    The whole short was great but I reaaaally gotta give props to Lana :) she was AMAZING !!!!

  • Peter Pulumbarit

    Amazing short. This is something I’ve needed to see. Sadly, I gave up on love after my past experiences with someone I thought would be “the last”… Sometimes life gives you lessons through pain and hardship… The beauty of it is that you’re still alive… you can still take risks… and you can take steps in a new direction to find “the last”. Thank you for sharing, to help us see that there is still hope to find “the last”. God bless.

  • Rain

    I found this video to be deeply moving, because I am one of the cynics. I often watch wong fu romantic shorts and find them to be, while very moving and beautiful, hard for me to believe in. But this short convinced me that…perhaps there’s a future love waiting for me. Atleast I hope so. Thanks guys :)

  • Lulu

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect!!!!!

  • Vicky Nguyen

    Amazing love story …

  • nobadi

    When do we get a personal project from Ted? :) hehe just messing~

  • Vren

    I like it a lot! I like it so much that I possibly wouldn’t enjoy any other way. Life if the story was produced in a movie/film or live play, except for a book. The journey that the guy took until he found the last would be very intriguing!

  • Linh

    hmmm “Let’s just say, the right inspiration came along to give me the ability and mentality to complete the script the right way.” im going out on a limb here but… phil has a girl friend. hahah and it’s probably mimi chao

    • Alison Cheung

      it is!!! :)

    • Vivian Kwan

      It evidently is Mimi! :) Aren’t they cute together? :) I wonder if they’ve been dating since college?

  • S

    PHIL! That was amazing. The concept was so creative. Keep doing what you’re doing, <3

  • Asia Wen

    Thank you, this is beautiful. While watching it, I actually thought that the writing and the concept were brilliant. I think you’ve managed to catch the entirety of the feeling in the simplest, sparsest, and most encompassing way. I’ve been watching you guys since you were posting videos on myspace, and I feel an odd sense of pride at the growth and maturity in the quality and content that WF has made. Thank you for sharing something so personal, I think baring a piece of your soul has really resonated with a lot of people.

  • Leah Adalia

    sooo amazing! keeps you believing in love! <3

  • Yao Liu

    3rd paragraph, you got a typo. “you own past of loves”

    To the older viewers, you understand this video from a completely different perspective, because you may have you own past of loves.

  • Pauline Lo

    another great story told by wongfu Phil :) amazingly amazing. keep up the good work guys! always looking forward for another story from wongfu…always.

  • VP

    I especially love the creativity of the latter part of the short, where the Kina was dressed to resemble each of the other girls… Surprising but sweet! This must be one of the best Wongfu videos. It is this level of quality and creativity which make Wongfu respected and loved around the world. You guys are true artists.

  • Jean

    AMAZING! MAGNIFICENT JOB WONG FU! Favourite short of of the year! :D

  • Lawrence Li

    Watching this reminded me of a conversation I once had with someone I loved; about how the term “I love you” is used so much and without the depth and meaning it should carry. About how the perception of love is different for every person. About the difference of loving someone and being in love with someone. The who, what, when, where, why are people you loved, but the last is the one you’re in love with.

  • Isabelle

    Did you meet someone, Phil? (;

  • victoria

    this short is just as good as strangers again, perhaps even better. :] you guys just… have the ability, that crazy, groundbreaking ability, of making someone, no matter their age (like u mentioned here), feel those raw, powerful, sensitive emotions. Phil, im so grateful for your intelligence and story-telling passion. :] I know that in my heart, wongfuproductions will be the last.

  • brenda

    I can tell you put so much thought into each word of this short. thank you for giving such a meaningful and personal message to all of us. the work you do is amazing. keep it up

  • Trang Nguyen

    you guys are the reason why I wanted to be a filmmaker, to bring those thoughts and ideas into movies, to express and share it to the world, to make everyone feels closer to each other :) great job, and I hope you guys will become stronger and stronger in the future, and someday, I will be able to work with you guys also :)

  • Bernard

    I don’t even buy books but if Phil wrote a book, I’d buy it and read it.

  • Madz

    Share the SCRIPT!! =)) hihi. Good Job Sir! <3

  • Phoebe

    Phil, you are amazing. ‘Nuff said. :)

  • Dani

    Your work has always been refreshingly mature, eye-opening, incredibly personal, and deep. Great film, Phil, and as bareboned as it is, it’s great to experience, share, and communicate simplicity.

  • Costa Palma Tantay

    It’s because of the hope of finding The Last that we go on and try, even if we risk getting hurt. Loved how this short expresses so much with so little. Phenomenal job once again Wong Fu. :)

    Glad you found that inspiration Phil. :P

  • Jin

    I don’t know if anyone remember’s wongfu’s old video with babyface’s “what if”, but it reminded me of that video and how I watched it when I was going through a break up at the time. It’s been years since then and that girl is now one of the ‘who what when where and why’s’. Definitely got me thinking. Keep up the good work guys

  • Stephen

    Thank you. This gave me hope.

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  • Leaf

    a very beautiful short! thank you for the inspiration – Im one of those in the 1st category :p oh “and we recorded the voiceover in my closet.” <- hahahahah

  • crystal

    awesomeee !

  • Natte

    Phil :’) i have a lot of love and admiration towards people who is caring enough to show and share their intimate and personal story and yet reserved all the details of productions and protecting all the personal touches. As much as we all want to know everything, i am at peace that you are keeping that. Like someone said in one of the comment in youtube, just when we thought Stranger Again was your best work, this one came in the perfect timing. What a heartwarming story. the words you use, the way you interpret it and the whole mood of this 8 mins. Sigh,it’s almost painfully beautiful.

  • Lane

    Seriously thank you for this, for awhile now I’ve been battling with trying to erase my past rather than embracing it, I’ve compared my past relationships so much to my present one. But because of this I’ve learned to accept it and I feel it just made “my last” relationship that much better. From the bottom of my heart thank because this is exactly what I needed to see. <3

  • Evan Lee

    Thank you for doing these shorts that are meaningful,poetic yet so needful in this day and age.

  • Kira Silén

    I am lost for words. This short was amazing. I love how it can mean so many things, depending on what situation you are in.
    Phil, after watching Wes’ “Shell”, I thought none of you could ever top that, but “The Last” is at least as good as “Shell”, which is a masterpiece.
    I have only been a “Wong Fool” for a little over a year, but I’ve watched every single video you have put up, and I hope that I never forget about you and your work. It has became a part of my life, watching(and crying to) your videos is a lovely break from the reality. Your work makes me feel, think and remember. I want to follow you and your company along the journey that has just started.
    Thank you.

  • Jocelyn

    Thank you wongfu for this thoughtful and interesting take on love. I love how you guys expressed the bittersweet past loves and yet present love with a pov full of faith and hope. Thank you for making me believe in love and wait sincerely for my last one.

  • Pat

    Nice job, nice story, good acting. Kudos to Harry and Kina! Would Glee be in Kina’s future? Why not?

  • Rich

    This video strikes a chord deep within us on several levels, our experience of love, our insecurity about it, and even our fears. What makes it intriguing is the question: how many before me? which would seem to be a very threatening question in some ways is answered in a twist which reveals security and beauty. There is however an unrealism to this script. We all wish our conversation about our past loves could be so beautiful and pure but it is not. When we give our heart away and move on for whatever reason there is loss, even damage, not just beauty. This video almost could seem to promote multiple partners to discover love. Most people find that route to be a more of a series of lessons in what not to do than the discovery of the various aspects of love. In that way I almost find this video dangerous to those in young love.

  • NicolasThomasKoenig

    Its my favorite so far. I loved the Idea, and the Shot and editing as well.
    One question. What lightning did you use?
    Keep it on. Good work.

  • Joven

    Real Names of the “5″?

  • giselavish

    good read Phil! First, I would like to congratulate you for the success of the short! Another epic milestone to you and of course to Wong Fu! Been following you guys from the very beginning! And now, Im so happy cause the “wong fu infection” is now getting bigger and bigger!!! YAY! <3 Lastly, I just want to ask you Phil if who's your "The Last"? hahaha yah i know it's too personal! Anyways, WF4L!!

  • helen

    beautiful, in every way possible.

  • Sal

    The simplicity of the project made it all the more emotionally powerful! What you did in those eight minutes in a bedroom is much more visually engaging than if you used multiple locations. Like all your shorts on love/romance, I feel myself getting teary and falling in love with Wong Fu! Thank you for sharing your story with us all.

  • Cathy

    I can’t find the words to express how i feel
    because the commentary made me cry more than the video
    You’re amazing Phil
    Thank you =)

  • Ginnie

    beautiful. I actually think the personal, bare-bones videos you guys make are some of the most resonating.

  • Grace Kindler

    The whole thing just blew me away. Phil, this may have taken quite a while but the result is so worth it.

  • JuliusTio

    This is brilliant Phil, please work on more pieces like this. It has the ability to touch people’s feelings in a personal way

  • Christine Kang

    beautiful. always inspiring me to be proud and hopeful of my creative passions

  • Kelly

    Phil, there is no doubt that this is a beautiful piece. Your message was extremely heartwarming, relatable, and it leaves you thinking back about people or situations or cities or times when you have felt that same way.

    I just wished that your ending could have been different. I cringed when he told her those things.

  • Calvin

    Phil thank you for making these videos! Gives me this fuzzy feeling inside :)

  • FuWang NASA.Man

    Jesus……………… Are u serious bro u should make another video!!!!!!!! I would be the first human to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 out of 10 cheerssssssssssssssssss

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    Thank You!

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    To write this kind of short, you have to have a deep understanding of people and relationships, especially of losing love. This really impressed me, and I can’t wait to see more shorts like this one.

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  • Annie Fe Perez

    Congrats wongfu! Job well done. Beautifully written!

  • Sammi

    I LOVED THIS SHORT!!! thank you for making and sharing it with us =)

  • Ho Hui Jan

    My lecturer wrote about his take on The Last which I hope you can take time out to read, Phil. It’s good! (:

  • Nigger

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    I fell in love with this one. Another one of my favorites, thanks Phil! Does this mean you’ve found your last?

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    I love how you always have meaningful videos. This one is my favorite now. (:

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  • Vanessa

    I absolutely loved this piece! I connected with it in so many ways! I guess I’m in the middle between the young and the old..had a few loves but still searching for the last. The honesty of the words throughout the piece were just so beautifully and expertly expressed. Thank you Phil for writing from the heart. Nobody does it better than wongfu =)!!

  • John

    I think the reason why these great film makers choose not to be authors is because they simply don’t want to. They have so many great ideas that simply writing about it will take ages. There is something about shorts that these guys have elicited. Ten minutes of someone’s day for deep thinking or for good laughs is like a gift from them to their viewers. They have showed that hearing voices and seeing what they filmed can have just as great an impact as reading a book from cover to cover. Thanks for the film Phil. Hope you found your last =)

  • Vincent

    Can you please list the instrumental music you used in the short film? If there is a place we can download the instrumental version that would be really appreciated too

  • Zee

    This short film moved me so much ! You captured every emotion spot on!

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    Is it possible to get a script of this video? My listening is bad so I can’t understand it completely…;;

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    I just love the ideas :) the theme, the story, the lines, the cast, and how they turn out. It’s a simply stunning short :)

    This is so random, but after reading this… somehow I picture Phil as a radio dj who answer questions, give advice, etc. about our love problems hahaha!

  • lee

    i really like this lovely short video…. so meaningful and brighten my days… i was trapped in the past but now i can see all more clearly, how we learn from it and keep growing… thanks so much ^^

  • Plena Luna

    This is amazing! Please make more!!

  • Amalina Salleh

    and now we know that Phil is taken :)

  • Liane

    Oh Phil, you’re a wonderful writer. It didn’t really dawn on me about how my previous relationships had shaped my life but I took each of them as an invaluable experience to search the “last one”. Sometimes.. it feels like I’m living all my life searching for that person and who will make me whole and content.

  • Joony

    Is it possible to get a script of it? I’m not good at English that much, so I can’t understand it completely;;

  • Aj

    Your writing is like a masterpiece itself, Phil. Your description of this short is just as amazing as the short itself. Thanks. <3 WongFu Productions. WF4L

  • coneychiwa

    I played the video twice but I just listened to it the second time. It’s equally moving just hearing the dialogues, the sighs, pauses, and the music. It’s when people get to insert their own personal stories between the dialogues. :) Neatly done!!!

  • Louie

    loved this short video Phil. Instantly became a fun of your production. kudos to all. keep it up.

  • David Hong

    I just watched the video and I have to say that your completely right, I have remembered my past loves while watching the video and I must say that it’s been many many time since I don’t feel this romantic, thanks a lot!!!!

  • JMP

    This was amazing and beautiful. Phil chose such a positive way to see past relationships — which are typically NOT seen in a positive way, but a bitter way. Also the idea that the past loves lacked something (the illusion of the sorority girl, but not the reality of her), and the last girl having those actual characteristics that appeared to be there in the past, but were actually missing — beautiful. Sometimes I lose my faith in humanity, but then I think, if a group of GUYS can create such beautiful content, the world is not full of sociopaths devoid of human emotion. Some of it, some love and beauty still exist. Thank you for that reminder.

  • sweetsilliness

    I loved this video and though it maybe slightly cheesy it’s still lovely, sure some may say that anything remembered about past relationships are bad things and it teaches them to not make those mistakes again but for me its not quite like that sure I dont want to make bad mistakes but at the same time for every person i’ve encountered I’ve had experienced things in a positive light that I never want to forget because what I remember and what I learned is a part of me…I don’t know if im making any sense but I hope that one day I can have my last love :)

  • Vick Noneed


  • Elaine Huang

    Phil, I’ve watched this short several times already, and each time, it never fails to make me cry because it’s just so touching. I definitely fit into the younger category and just like anyone else, sometimes get scared and feel insecure, thinking we’ll never find ‘the last’. I think that’s why ‘why’, Lana, struck such a chord with me; it wasn’t just her acting, which was what I thought phenomenal, but the narration as well. Even though I dread heartbreaks and heartaches (and I’ve been there just a few), I also kind of look forward to them, only just to experience it. To experience and feel what it’s like to be alive.

    I’ve always loved WongFu’s works because they range from hilariously corny, to something feels provoking like “When Five Fell” and “The Last”. Thank you so much for doing what you do, for loving what you do, and doing what you do with sincerity. Because your sincerity is definitely something I look forward to every time I watch your shorts. Thank you so much guise ♥♥♥

  • Hannah W.

    This made me cry because it was soo good! Such a good script and acting! Powerful!

  • anon

    right inspiration = mimi, amirite?

  • melbournegirl

    Dear Phil, I wish there were more men like you out there – insightful and deep yet still so unmistakably boyish and carefree! Excellent work; you really step it up for every video! And lastly, I mourn for the loss of your singledom (implied in your post??)!! I have to say, she’s a very lucky girl indeed!! :)

  • Giebert

    you’re like ” Nicholas Sparks ” – only ASIAN :) .. you’re the BEST Phil :D WF4Lyf

  • Tara

    I would like to know the name of the song you used in this video. I tried finding it under the artist you found but I did not find it.

  • linhmonoforever

    can you give me the English subtitle of this film? is my mail. Ths a lot.

  • Natalie

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  • PjetyNguyễn Đức
  • Ebom

    This makes me cry almost all the time

  • Kaitlin

    This video made me appreciate what I have been given and how lucky I am really am to have my “Last”, Its fitting because I too have past realtionships that have taught me why I love who I do, and the reason i have my last, is due to the nice guy video. Its fitting that this video would embody my realtionship as the nice guy video started the spark that now is. WongFu I have to say you have really helped me out and taught me lots :) Thank you.

  • Ken

    Does anyone know of the location for the scenes used for the 4th “Where” girl?

    • Emze

      Grand Park in downtown los angeles

  • Brian

    This was the once of the most inspiring videos i have ever seen.
    I feel like I shouldn’t give up on the girl I like for 3 years

  • iloveyouamigo

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  • Chris

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