A simple question, “How many have you loved?” Is your answer, one and only? Or is it several, all of whom have shaped your life? In our upcoming short film a young man faces this question and revisits his memories of those important people in his life who he’s loved, each personifications of “Who, What, When, Where, and Why”.

I’m very glad to finally be sharing this short with you soon, as it has been on my mind for a few years now. Originally inspired by another Wong Fu Productions video (that might be a first), Wes’ “When Five Fell”, it prompted me to think of what other ways love, or lovers, can affect specific aspects of one’s life.

A simple story, and an amazing cast. I feel so fortunate to have had the support of this outstanding ensemble of people, all wanting to be a part in this short. Harry and Kina, and did you catch everyone else? Shelby Rabara, Mimi Chao, Kaile Goh, Yuri Tag, and Lana Mckissack. Can’t wait to share the full short with you all, very soon.

  • Clara Qiu

    when is it coming out??? Uggg, I can’t wait any longer! ;)

    • david

      22 minute wait must’ve killed you

      • Rosette

        Excuse me Mr.sarcastic, I’m pretty sure they meant when the actual thing comes out not the trailer.

        • david

          i know when i replied they posted the comment 22 minutes ago soo yeah. p.s. whats the name of the song?

  • SYL

    I’m excited to watch this, still trying to overcome a long term rela. break-up and this idea/concept has been on my mind!

  • Johnathan Lin

    good looks

  • Grace

    i cant wait! c:


  • Tommy

    Good luck. Looking forward to it!

  • TheDemonsNemesis

    Good Luck! Can’t wait!! And how do you buy the song that was playing in the background?

  • Lynden L.

    After watching “Strangers, Again”, I know that “The Last” will definitely be another one of Phil’s amazingly beautiful shorts… [:

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mimichiko Michelle Yee

    I seriously just cannot wait for this. Alhjhbohjbs

  • http://www.facebook.com/thepaulinelo Pauline Lo

    mimi’s back :) <3 love her acting! so natural! can't wait for the short to be released! :)

  • victoria

    cant wait for this amazing new short to premiere. =] looks breathtaking so far, n u guys brought mimi back!! haha :P

  • Sujini

    I cannot wait to see this. Interesting trailer you got there.

  • Ericka

    I cant wait for this. So excited!

  • ananas

    Phil!! you’re making me cry!! grrrr

  • http://www.facebook.com/donghaezel Hazel Lapitan

    So many beautiful people <3 oh my I can't wait for this to come out!

  • Ltwarren

    Where can I download this song in the background!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bronxrebel Edwin Colon

    He looks all serious while she looks like she is ready to laugh out loud. Will be interesting to see the final cut of this scene.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ly.elvis Elvis Ly

    omg !! you guys are the best ! can’t wait till this comes out.

  • anywool

    I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait! The Last.. Warning. We can’t wait. ;)

  • Jaz

    I cant wait for this short! its a very interesting topic! my bf is all about “one n only” and the first n ONLY gf but i reckon maybe sometimes the first one you find is not always the one for you…. n i love the question: how many have you LOVED…. where does affection, “like”, admiration, and adoration end and “love” begin?

  • http://www.facebook.com/onzaproductions Yer Vang

    It looks very exciting, bitting my bottom lip and furrowing my brows in pure excitement!

  • steph

    why is it that every other short video wongfu put out is a sappy love related video. it’s gets really really repetitive and as a follower of yours from the beginning, i think it’s time to explore other topics. as the years pass, i keep hoping you guys get more creative with your writing and show us something more. when i was in 9th grade, it was fun watching those love related videos of yours. because of course, the idea of it was magical, mystical and it was the center of an adolescent thoughts. but now in my early 20s, it is a momentary thought of mine, not something to be explore in depth and revisit over and over again. there are a handful of other topics to explore in. come on wongfu, you have the opportunity to discover and grow together with your fan base. show us something else, something more than another unoriginal love related short video. in the rare moments you did, such as “When Five Fell,” is when i applaud your work because i can see your growth as writers and directors. but to keep presenting videos such as this, it’s very disappointing. it seems to still target the fan base of the teens, and if that’s what you want then you’re doing a good job. but if you want to grow along with your fan base, think twice before you present us another romantic short video.

    • Tamara

      I agree with you. There shorts aren’t bad, it’s just repetetive as you said. I remember watcing The Break Up, Back Up a long time ago and it truly does seem they’re stuck with love shorts. Maybe the general population can’t help but watch sappy stories like Away We Happened…

    • Emze

      I remember going through your phase in life when I thought I was such a mature early 20s girl (you are probably at most a junior in college if you were watching WF in 9th grade) and didn’t need silly teen things like love. So a few points because it’s difficult to passively read these unnecessary criticisms: (1) you just saw a trailer, how do you know the actual short won’t be more like when five fell… which was actually about love too (and did the person below really just compare this trailer to breakup backup…?), (2) love is not something to grow out of, it’s an ever changing perspective and I respect that they are able to share their perspective with impressionable younger viewers and cynical older viewers alike, (3) if you have really been following them, you’d know they’ve released a lot of videos that do not have to do with love (wan percent, home:word are a couple recent examples), “rare moments” is a bit harsh and it’s ironic you pointed to another love short instead, (4) said non-love related videos didn’t do as hot even though I thought they were great, so if you support them you need to appreciate their fan base is broad, they have to appeal to much more than you and your ilk (and yes, it seems a majority of this world remains interested in these love stories), and (5) if you are the type to say something as presumptuous as “think twice before you present us another romantic short video” you should think twice about your general attitude. They will continue to make the love-related and non-love related videos they like to make, just as they always have, and it will make 99% of their audience happy. And yes, they are growing. Just chill and watch the ones that please your mature senses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alie.convento Alié Convento

    Im so excited for this! cant wait

  • ching

    oh i can’t wait. i asked the same thing to my special someone…but he got really angry. :/ what to do? :p

  • Green Angel

    can I give you a short story? lol

  • Saleena

    I love Kina! She’s my role-model, I’m a huge fan… And I’m excited to see Harry Shum Jr. again. :D Can’t wait for this one.

  • Paul

    They should add an episode where Harry is in middle school with a girlfriend that shaped his life too.

  • Vren

    I read some comments that were either criticisms or constructive criticism.

    I’ve got one question to ask, Did those commentators read background [story] below the video clip?

    A lot of the videos that Wong Fu Productions produce isn’t always necessarily about what the audience likes to watch. The producers are film artists. They sometimes spill their hearts or express their emotions and thoughts through making videos. Much like songwriters write songs, painters paint abstract, poets write spoken word and other forms of art.

    In other words, film is one form of art that producers like Philip,can convey what’s in his heart, soul and/or mind in a creative articulate manner. How else do film companies come up with well thought out and well planned videos or movies? Life experiences that were actually occurred in a person’s or group of people’s lives tend to be better than fictional stories because simply it’s fiction, imaginary.

  • Pgra

    I can’t wait!!! D;

  • Anonymous

    Where is it? It’s suppose to come out today D: