Check out our new sketch “Real Friends”!

ok… so initially we were just gonna title it “Booger”, for obvious reasons, but decided not to because, ya kno…we have so much class. haha, jk

We’ve all been in this situation before. The friend/person you’re talking to has something stuck on their face somewhere. Do you tell them? Is it too awkward? What happens when you DO tell them, and they try to get it, but they can’t, and you keep having to say… oh no, still there! Well, Wes came up with his own solution here.

Wes and Chris acting together for the first time in over a year. Yeah, it’s hard to get Wes in front of the camera!

Real Friends… aren’t afraid to touch each other’s nostrils!

Yup, gotta get it way up in there!

The booger was a mix of white gummi bears, dried plums, and chapstick!

Hope you enjoyed this fun little skit. Like we said in the BTS video, it’s rare that we do “toilet humor”, but this one was all in good fun. Ya kno, we love making the beautiful, romantic, meaningful short films… but sometimes, you just got a booger on your face. =)

  • Lisa.

    This is hilarious, I can’t even

  • Ally

    Lol this was so funny

  • Gloria Sun

    I thought Phil was eating the booger at first, lol!

    • hi5

      he was! the ‘booger’ was part white gummi bear.. hahaha

  • Karen

    Lol, that was pretty awesome.

  • Tessa

    This is something different hahaha

  • Julia Zapanta

    Lol, the booger is made out of A REALLY CRAZY MIXTURE!!!

  • Pauline Lo

    finally wes is back in front of the camera :)

  • Noelle

    Keep ‘em coming. You guys are officially my de-stressors. :)

  • YuKpoplover

    Hey you got a booger on your face~
    Booger on your face booger on your face~

    This one entertaining video. XDD

  • Gio Sy

    Chris is such a genious!

  • Caryn

    I actually screamed when Wes pushed Chris. But it’s a job well done. Funny but very true

  • Christine Nguyen

    lol i loved this vid so much! chris;s fake booger is gonna be in my night mare

  • Mira

    I love it! :) WF4L

  • Chobangs Mcpoor

    watching how the booger was created made me feel less grossed out of the video..hahahha..job well done guys! ;D

  • Heather Driggars

    That was so funny…. a little gross but funny.

  • Chantal Goodial

    <3 u guys should totally do more 'toilet humor' this was soooo funny

  • Ehsan

    Wes <3!!! Really hilarious when he push him!

  • TheIvanFactor

    This was epic..

  • kristine

    i wanna watch this again during lecture xDDD


    Everything you guys film are hilarious

  • Aermus

    It is so great to see Wes acting and in front of the camera, really enjoyed this sketch too.

  • nobody

    just me or Wes lost weight?

  • Tran

    This is actually one of the first times i’ve seen “you’re welcome” instead of “your welcome”. good job

  • The Gorgeous 1

    wes… i wish you were my best friend

  • Yozhi

    i lol’d so hard

  • DJ Ninja

    I wanna see behind the scenes!

  • Vivian

    ooooh that’s what it was!
    incase you ever need more boogers in the future.. try out rubber cement :3

  • Vivian

    love this one!

  • Karen Kwan

    I feel so bad for Chris, who would want white gummi bears, dried plums, and chapstick on their face.

  • Karen Kwan

    *Your welcome.

  • Tommy


  • Tironé

    How gross and funny at the same time!

  • Josh

    did you actually push him out the window?!?!?!

  • KV

    i thought it was AMAZING! something quick and fun to watch!

  • lily

    phil is sooo cute with the camera

  • Tiffany Chang

    Hahahaha!!! That was so funny!! Loved it!! ^_^

  • perri

    the boogers look damn real.

  • Farisa F.

    Phil, you look so cute with your backwards snapback. <3

  • gavin

    funny guys

  • Nicky

    Lol I love you guys n .n ❤

  • Kay Rodgers

    Wes needs to act more!!!!

  • Fatma Reda

    wes’ acting is really good i don’t understand why he never wants to act :@

  • Amelia

    Wes is so cute ! :P

  • JennyBeans

    Lol! I watched the whole video (Not the making), and it was hilarious! I got so nervous every time Chris took out his booger! I literally screamed with my cousin when Wes wiped Chris’s nose with the tissue and it went everywhere on his face. Although, when I watched the making, I calmed down a bit! Lol, keep up the good work and make more similar videos to this one!! :D