How cool is this? “The Last” made it onto some pretty mainstream entertainment news sites. We’re pretty amazed and grateful that people everywhere could appreciate this short film. It’s great to see some genuine romance still have a place among the gossip and pop culture news.

OK! magazine which is usually reporting about the latest celebrity breakups and meltdowns had a great interview with Harry, and he graciously mentioned The Last. Thanks Harry! READ

EXTRA also a huge entertainment news source took a minute away from reporting about big hollywood movies coming out, and gave our little youtube short some love. READ

Mashable blogged and tweeted us! Even the tech/gadget world has some room for the feels =) READ

MTV Europe wrote up an incredibly touching blog post as we made it onto their front page! How cool is it that a WF short can somehow find a space next to Snooki. There is hope for humanity?? haha, jk READ

Sunrise in Australia (their version of Good Morning America) featured a clip from the entire closing of the short! Amazing to see the tv hosts (who, let’s be honest aren’t our main demographic, heh) appreciating the video and its message. Must WATCH

It truly is an extraordinary feeling to see our work being spread and received like this around the WORLD. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing fan base, and that technology can keep us all connected, and most of all, that people can still understand and be open towards content like ours. Despite the style, tone, our race, the platform… it’s really awesome. Thank you so much!

  • Angela

    This is awesome! I loved the short and you guys totally deserve the press.

  • warhol

    congrats, this is great! :)

  • Elvz

    WONG FU Fo LIFE!!! I love this short so much i’ve shared it to my friends as well and they love it!

  • Lauren

    All that’s left is for Ellen Degeneres to take notice of it. =)

    • Lala Serviss

      that’s what i’ve been saying!!!

  • Veronica Wong

    pst, Mashable is not plural (: Congrats on your successes, well deserved!

  • Jen

    Congratulations on all of this breaking into the media!

    Lauren- we should tweet Ellen Degeneres about it! haha

  • Mark

    I totally agree with Lauren! WongFu Productions should be featured in the Ellen DeGeneres show!

  • UKLeonie

    I sent a link to all my friends, Yep the Black Euro community said yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss at bloody last.

  • Christina Sandoval:)

    You guys deserve it, your work is sooo amazing Ive loved being and fan and I always will be:) Wong Fu 4 Lyfe!!!

  • Yasmine Louii Young

    We should tweet Ellen Degeneres <3

  • joanneyswong

    Congratulations, guys! Totally deserve every bit of it. It was a beautiful story.

  • Minh

    That is Awesome Press! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Desiree

    Love the video u all produce…meaningful n touched! U all deserve it after all the hard-works (: good job wongfuproduction!

  • Tai


  • Pk

    Awesome guys!!

  • KV


  • Vivian Kwan

    Collectively as Wong Fu, you deserve the attention and you know it. You’ve remained so humble amidst your fame it makes you all the more loveable.
    I only hope that once you get your big break you will still have time for us the “little people”.

    One day, I will befriend the Nice Guys. That is my life goal. Because my gut instinct tells me that we wll get along so well. Hashtag friends I’m looking for. Lol~

  • victoria

    u guys totally deserve the press! :] the content/stories u 3 put out should b appreciated n spread. the way u guys appreciate ur fanbase n fame is also awesome n amazing. :D i agree w/ the ppl below, WF videos r hella better than some of the media today. :1 i feel grateful for having met u guys/knowing who u guys are, and will continue to love n support u niceguys. WF4L yo. :P

  • Grace Barrato

    the journey has just started, Wong Fu! WF4L!

  • Nisha

    This might help to get Wong Fu on Ellen :)

  • bubumaizi

    This is awesome! you guys deserved it

  • Jon

    The joy you guys spread with your work is truly a rare commodity. When other subscriptions have a new video it’s kind of exciting but it’s you guys I’m really waiting for. I hope you keep doing your thing and some day when you might change formats or something I believe you will master that too:)

  • Jin

    Wong Fu Fo Lyfe!!!

  • emz

    that great :D

  • taylor

    that really awesome!!!!!!!!! aussie aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi!! xD

  • Tiff

    Let’s do for Wong Fu what YouTube did for Talia Joy: get them on Ellen :D

  • Blue

    It’s great,beautiful.I love it.What is the name of the background music,I love it,too.

  • Song

    The Last makes me know yor brilliant guys. I knew it from WEIBO, a micro blog in China (twitter and facebook are forbiddened here). And I am working in Beijing… quite far away from u. I have no idea whether you know Chinese character or not, but it already translated into Chinese by some one, I hope you know that the video has widely spread through kinds of websites in China and I shared with my friend, they also love it.

  • andrewq

    Wow, and it has over 4.1 million views, too! Great job Wong Fu, Harry, Kina, and everyone else!

  • Jenny

    this is awesome :) you guys deserve it! The Last is certainly one of my fave shorts. <3 you guys

  • disqus_4F8Q2EwEF7

    There’s no words I can put them
    together because the story said it all, well arranged. Bravo!