After months and months of working on this, we’re finally ready to start sharing with you our new mini series “When it Counts”. Produced with AT&T once again, we’ve teamed up for a new story and campaign for our awesome fans! “When it Counts” is a story about 4 friends on a college hip hop dance team and the relationships and friendships that are tested when suppressed feelings are finally revealed. Check out Ep 1!

Not a typical “dance story”
We knew that making this story in this setting would be tricky. Why? Because it’s about a dance team and there are tons of “dance movies” to compare it to. But one very important point we wanted to make with this series is that it would try to be more authentic, how? Well, let’s just say dance teams are not always joining contest to win $50,000 to save their studio, or, most dancers on a team aren’t trying to pass some super elite audition. Of all the dancers we’ve come across, most are just regular guys and girls who love to dance for fun, are on a team just to perform, and that’s it. Most of the drama is not from the dancing, it’s from the people on the team. So we wanted to focus more on a relatable story, and have dance be part of it… rather than make the focus on dance, and try to find a story around the dance.

An All-Star Cast
Now, although the focus is on the story, bottom line is, there’s still dancing involved, so our actors had to also be dancers… or is it, our dancers had to also be actors? haha. Either way we feel we found a great cast of wonderful, hardworking, nice people to play the roles. Mike Song and Yuri Tag are both from a team called Kaba Modern who’s most known for their run on the first seasons of ABDC . Aimee Lee Lucas is an incredibly accomplished dancer who’s danced with some of KPOP’s biggest stars. Yes, that’s her in the “Wedding Dress” video. (She also went to the same high school as Wes!). And then there’s Phil… Well let’s start off by saying, Phil wasn’t originally supposed to be in front of the camera, but some last minute casting changes forced him to take on the role. He has a very small background in dance, just in high school and in college on a team, so it’ll probably be a surprise to most viewers when they see him start moving!

Your Advice!
Each week after each episode, we ask the audience a question to help our lead character, Tammy, through some tough choices. At the end of the week we look at the comments that come in and Tammy chooses a few to actually respond to. Imagine it’s like you’re her friend, and you’re giving advice.

The series is complete! Enjoy it all here!

  • emily

    I absolutely cannot wait for the next episode! Love u wong fu!!!!
    They kinda remind me of phinias and ferb. Ted is perry cos his cool like that. Wes is ferb cos that guy is so damn chill and awesome, and phil is phinias cos his like the glue that holds everyone together. Plus his pretty amazing :)
    I hope they never stop posting videos cos wong fu always makes my day better xx

    • Vivian Kwan

      No offense, but I can’t believe you just compared Wong Fu Productions to a cartoon…how is Phineas and Ferb even comparable to WFP…that’s preposterous…

      • annette

        i find this comparison smart!!! :) phineas and ferb is as awesome as wong fu.. i mean they found frankenstein’s brain… what do you have to say?:)) very awesome.

        • Vivian Kwan

          Phineas and Ferb are idiots…it’s an idiotic cartoon. You can’t compare the brilliance that is Wes, Ted, and Phil to imaginary characters who do stupid things…(and I’ve seen a couple episodes before for lack of better choice of programs airing at the time so I know what I’m saying).

  • victoria

    wow…. aimee’s a viking? :O crazy. lol loved this 1st episode, n im glad phil’s fantasmically acting/dancing again in front of the camera. :P excited to c how this miniweb series felds out~

  • Kale

    Aimee Lee Lucas was not in “Wedding Dress”…?

  • Ranul

    Is it possible to have Victor on this one? He would be perfect for a dance mini-series!!

  • Li Zhuwei

    Hi Tammy, you should make a video episode similar to the Nice Guys Finish Last Episode 4: Nice Girls (Also) Finish Last -> the ( ) is just a suggestion. you don’t really have to include it thats if you decide to make another Nice …. ( Girls )

    Wes, Film Tammy on her experience with around this Video!! Yeah That’d do it!!

    This is to all the girls out there that feel the way Tammy Feels. Do Nice Girls also Finish Last too? – Wes, Phil, Ted -> is this a Calling to be made?? Please make one!! Just Suggesting!! :D

  • Jesska

    No, she shouldn’t tell him…that’s not what nice girls do. They’re normally really shy, like me; they would never take the initiative, they’d wait and see what happens.

  • William

    Great series I Just Wanna watch more!!

  • Jeff fafa

    i have yet to see any girl take the initiative to ask for a date or be the first one to ask a boy “would you be my boyfriend”
    most girls i know ask to hang out, but not a “date”
    girls usually wait for the guy to make the first move. why not the girls?

    • Robert Wernikoff

      Yup that’s how I feel. But I also think its wrong for the guy to blame the girl if she doesn’t like him back. That’s messed up its like saying I don’t like u because u like apple juice n I don’t. Its very petty to blame someone else. Its no ones fault that is just how it is sometimes.

  • marvin

    Tammy should totally express her feeling due the pain of rejection is worse then regret she has nothing to lose . As well regardless of the nice girl facade does not given reason to not go for what one wants but the manner in which situations are handled . love this production keep it going

  • Ana Isabel

    Don’t tell him yet. You may feel he’s into you now, but that can and can not be true. He just got dumped and his heart is looking for some confort, and you’ve been there, so instead of him really liking you, you’ll be his rebound. And if Anna gets jelous, because girls are possessive, she will be after him, and he will choose her, unfortunately. Wait a bit longer for you both to explore each other’s feelings and for you to show him, you’re the right girl.

  • Hannah

    I can’t see it!! I’m from Germany -.- the first episode was soooo dope and I was so sad that I can’t watched the second episode :( (

  • tiff

    totally random thought.. just wanted to know if you’ve ever listened to Gabe Bondoc’s song “Better.” kind of reminds me of the ‘nice guy’ concept

  • Hazel Lapitan

    I love the cast and the concept! I know a lot of people who can relate to this and I just know this is going to be good! Plus this is really inspiring me to dance more <3

  • taffy

    don’t tell him just don’t

  • taffy

    i want to see you and justin be a couple xd

  • taffy

    mike song and tammy should be together xd

  • AwkwardBagels

    when is ep 4 coming out?

  • KTalwar

    I miss your video commentary’s with Wes :( *sigh* back in the good ol’ days of when WF did it’s thangggggggg :S

  • Ange

    Just want to say, you guyz are so multi-talented!!! =) Love watching all your videos WONG FU! Don’t stop what you are doing for us (your fans)!

  • Moua M Vang

    I think it should be a lesson learned for Matt. He has been so oblivious, maybe it’s true. Nice guys finish last because they don’t realize what good they have because they’re too busy chasing the mean girl.

  • Hannah

    Awesome series! Just wondering…Phil, where did you get that black jacket with the zipper around collar in the 4th episode?? I love it!

  • Chris Au

    Hi, I was wondering what the background music is in the Video, but not”Underneath your love”.

  • Keyshawn Johnson

    I like it away counts I went to be on this show badd