Here it is everyone! The finale episode of our mini series “When it Counts”!

Over the past month we’ve really enjoyed sharing this story with you and bringing you into Tammy’s life with the weekly episodes and the vlogs. We hope you’ve also enjoyed the story and maybe even learned something?

In the end while we wanted to tell a fun and cute story, we also tried to share a lesson, one that many of you watching can possibly relate to. When the first episode came out, it seemed like this was another “nice guy” sob story. But by now, hopefully you can see that we were actually trying to do the exact opposite. We’ve learned a lot in our own personal lives with stories like this and wanted to show our viewers that in the end, nothing is ever totally black and white, no one is ever totally at fault, and that having the right perspectives and understanding that we’re all learning is the best way to navigate young relationships.

We don’t want to spell it all out for you here, so whatever you take away, we’re glad. Watch all the episodes, and their corresponding vlogs to get the most out of this series!

What a great way to end the year! We can’t wait to share with you future projects.

  • Gabrieℓℓe. † ∞

    i loved the finale so much, in movies either the nice girl or nice guy loses, but it was so cool to see both of them win! I am so excited for the next series!!! I hope it is as sweet as this one!

  • David

    You guys did a magnificent job on this project! Couldn’t be any more proud!

  • eduard diaz

    bring it back plz i was so in to the story line plz it was agreat show

  • Brent

    I do not know if you have a buget on your videos or not but I would watch if it was an hour long episode. I like it too much. But I I hated it ended in 30 mins.

  • May Lee

    I am in love with this!! i can also relate so i touched my heart as well :) can you please carry the story on because i am so addicted to this, i watched the entire thing like 10 times now, it don’t have the same affect as the first time i watched it though :(

  • Mikey!

    in episode one, what is the name of the song towards the end when Tammy narrates in a vlog?