This week we come face to face with some awkward animals. To be fair, we were pretty awkward too. Some highlights: Watch Ted as a flamingo, which animal that “looks like how Wes feels”, our new awkward potato, the most dangerous of all the caged animals and… our favorite laziest friend:


Oh and of course, watch Phil hug balls.


Maybe not.

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  • Ika

    When will you guys pick the winner??? for the akward panda :)

  • Ika

    and whats with your dates??? its only the 16 is this the futre O.O???

  • Kelseyleong

    For your guys next wongfu weekend blog you guys should go and have a paintball battle!

  • Erika Tam

    phil: kangaroo-hyper


    wes: griffin-serious/crafty

  • rachel

    did they pick a winner yet??