Have you ever received a present that you wanted to exchange? Do you try to regift it? Or find a way to return it without hurting your friend’s feelings? If you’re lucky, a gift receipt is included and everyone stays friends. But in our sketch, Nathan soon finds out it’s not that simple in Ted’s world.

Fun facts:

  • We were originally going to make our own “ugly” scarves with craft supplies
  • We made an awkward animal Christmas tree. Did you see?
  • Phil is the only person with a Dreamcast controller
  • A lot of Nathan’s reactions were improvised. It was hard to not laugh after every take and we had several takes! Wait till the very end of the video for some bloopers!

Uh oh… someone’s going to be in trouble.


Amy Okuda (she’s awesome) with awkward silence after she realizes Ted heard everything!


Is Nathan wearing the scarf or the scarf wearing him?



Now pay attention!


  • Ika

    Damn Chris has LONG legs!!!

  • http://twitter.com/fishcakemonster alyson

    lol love Chris’s bright color socks! XD