Can you believe another season of Wong Fu Weekends is over?! It passed by so fast and we did so many things!
What were your favorite moments/lines this season?

Well we enjoyed spending our weekends with you. We’ll see you guys soon again. But in the meantime, let’s keep in touch via our PO BOX. You never know. Your artwork just might end up on our wall!


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  • ika

    i’ll missu guys but in the meantime i will send u guys things:)

  • kaining

    Gonna miss WFW. Was surprised when u mentioned it’s the season finale, first thing came to my mind was so fast?? Hahaha… Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see ur new shorts n other new projects!

  • TheFuFan

    im gonna miss last season ‘the best one’. “Playground Games” was one of my favourites when at the end Phil said ‘IT’S ON, DONKEY KONGGGGG!!!!!’. Wong fu has been in my life for a while and i totally don’t want it to stop. LUV U GUYS !!!!!!! <3

  • Christine Nguyen

    wait… theres still gonna be WFW right????