Hi again!

Thanks so much for the nice warm welcome on my first post and giving lots of awesome ideas for future posts!

Sooo.. let’s get down to business. *Be warned that this is quite a long post!*


What is my position at Wong Fu Productions?

Officially: Producer
Unofficially: Go-to-Girl


In short, my job is to help make the guys’ visions into reality. Whether that be in a short, event, or just daily office life. My main responsibilities are all the behind the scene things you guys don’t see.

For example, when we’re filming a short, the process usually is:

Guys write script –> They give it to me for preproduction –> We film –> They edit = The video you guys see up on youtube

Preproduction just means planning and coordinating. Let’s take David Choi’s “By My Side” MV (one of my personal favorite projects) as an example.

What you guys saw was Wong Fu’s original vision (or as close to it as we could get). That’s what we start with. So how do we turn that into reality? That means we had to find, rent/buy, negotiate, and design everything from the warehouse, scaffold, scissor lift to all the props like the helium tank, the balloons and tying each individual one to the rocks, constructing the door, and her “room.” And if you know Phil, Wes, and Ted, they are very particular and precise on the look and feel of every little detail.

On top of that, there’s the coordination of the people. Who the actors will be, compiling the right crew for lighting, production assistants, sound, behind the scenes, hair and makeup and then making sure they’re all available day of and taken care of while they’re on set. That means making sure we have meals, snacks, and beverages enough for everyone for however long the shoot may take.

A lot of what I do just comes down to coordinating and taking care of people. Which is where the “go-to-girl” comes in to play. Whatever the guys or any of our employees, actors, clients, crew members, fans need, I’m the go to girl to get that taken care of. Anything like: sorting all our fan mail for the guys to read, scheduling walkthrus and meetings, taking down notes, writing blog posts, helping with our twitter/facebook/tumblr pages,

managing event details for the guys so we know where to go, what’s expected and what time to be where,


making sure we have all our favorite snacks at the office,


crafting for our Awkward Animal booth at Comic Con,


mailing out our giveaways,


putting enough makeup on Chris’ face so he looks ghostly…  and it goes on.

Like I said, whatever is needed, I’m there. And yes I am full time which means this is my real every day job! Who knew you could make a career out of being a producer for a small (youtube) production company! So when they say anything is possible, it’s absolutely 100% true. Don’t short change yourself on your dreams.

Yaa high five to your dreams and sticking with me to end of this post!

Stay tuned till next time when I share exactly how I got hired at WFP!
Till then…




  • Hazel

    Wow, I hope the guys know how much you do for them! :)

  • James

    Christine is definitely an essential part of Wong Fu!

  • http://confessionsofavi3tbabe.com Vivian

    They always say behind a great man is an even greater woman, and that woman is you! You are definitely THE ONE behind the scenes that helps makes Wong Fu what it is and for that, we thank you! You’re awesome and this series is so great, getting to know you & what you do for the company! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/katvinson Katherine L Vinson

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing! (& yes, that extra inch really mattered!) ;)

  • jaqueline suazo

    Lolol love u guysss!!!!!!!!! :) - jaqueline u guys make me laugh wen im sad ^-^ hope u can post up a video on my b-day!!!! But if u dont its fine and i wanna meet u guys!!!!!

  • jaqueline suazo

    Oh and ignore the – jaqueline cuz i thought my name wudnt show up but it did lol anyways byeee byeee

  • Prowella

    Woah. That’s a lot of work! Good job, Christine! I hope you’re having fun. :)

  • Tamy

    Faaaa que genia!!! Con razón los videos salen tan lindos siempre n.n (perdón, mis comentarios siempre los escribo en español porque escribir en ingles nunca fue mi fuerte xD)

  • smackpop

    YES! I always thought Christine did not get the credit she deserves considering how much she has to plan and go through… but I guess working with wonderful people makes your job worth it :)

  • http://twitter.com/graceblpro Grace Barrato

    I/we couldn’t thank you enough for what you are doing. Now, I/we feel more closer to WFP and you. Give the credit to whom it is due. You deserve it. Remember, whatever you do, do it heartily.

  • Lauren

    thanks for all you do christine! i’m an (empathetic) girl filmmaker myself and these blogs are really a great look into what goes on behind the scenes. can’t wait for more! :D

  • giselavish

    Yay! Hello Christine! I’ve been following your blog (peachielove) for a long time and now you’re starting here!! I like it that you still maintain your style in blogging! :) All those Tumblr inspired caption photos, etc! Anyways, another good read from youuu! Thanks for sharing this to us! Thank you for working very hard with the guys just to give us perfect videos! How I wish I could work with you someday! :) WF4L!

  • http://twitter.com/bubumaizi Bubumaizi

    very interesting and thank you for sharing this .. cant wait for the next bloggg (:

  • http://www.facebook.com/donghaezel Hazel Lapitan

    Thanks for keeping things in order Christine! That’s not an easy job I expect so props to you :D Looking forward for more blog posts from you :)

  • http://twitter.com/fishcakemonster alyson

    Christine u’re amazing!!! we always thank wes, phil, and ted for making good videos and now i feel bad for not thanking enough of all those people behind helping the 3 of them. Thank you, Christine!!!! and also to all the rest of the crew that created so many good videos!! (Y)

  • Marc

    This is awesome. :)

  • Hannah

    reading abt yr workload makes me tired! props to you! i wonder how wf survived before you came on…or were you on this whole time? =]

  • Kimb

    Much respect for you Christine! you go girl <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/Alex.Allie.Huang Alexandra Huang

    Oh I like this! It’s nice to finally meet the girls of WongFu Weekend, since we see you girls all the time in WFW! Nice to meet you and thanks for helping make WFP’s visions come true :D

  • http://twitter.com/kirusvirus Kira

    I always wondered what your part in Wong Fu really is. At first I thougt you’re just a helpful friend, but man, what friend has the time to help with every single project?!
    I’m glad that you blog and give us an insight in what you do! Thank you ^_^

  • keiryow

    YOU ARE THE BEST Christine..
    I have some experience for making films without someone like you, and it was all messed up.. thank you for stick around with Wongfu and getting to know you is just WOW.. keep blogging, I love to read it :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kay.lee.hana Kay Lee

    I read your blog and it’s so inspiring =) and knowing what goes BTS is awesome… I love BTS :D

  • Kakes

    Do you find all these gifs online??

  • http://twitter.com/cclara26 Karolynn Qiu

    Wow! You do so much! Thanks for being such a big and helpful part of WongFu! :)

  • Kimiko

    I envy you, Christine. I wanna be a part of Wong Fu Productions actually. :) )

  • seungie

    I’d love to put make up on Chris’ face.

  • sin

    Thank God and thank you Christine for a job well done!

  • Julie

    Christine you are definitely one of the best people ever! :D you seriously rock and i would like to thank you for being so awesome and helping out the wongfuproduction guys! Without you it would never be the same! Thanks Christine!! You are awesome! :)

  • Arthi

    YAY CHRISTINE! I always wondered about you, since you were always there but you were never explained! This clears up a lot, and I hope to see more of you in the future =)

  • http://twitter.com/jaymefu Jayme | 제이미

    hurrah for the ever hardworking @christinechen4 >_<

  • Michelle

    Wow! Thanks for filling us in on what you do, Christine! The awesome WF videos are made possible because of your coordination and hard work! You go girl! (:

  • katya palileo

    all hail this wonderful woman!

  • Wesley

    The real hero of Wong Fu Productions

  • Margaret

    Thanks Christine for providing insight on the very important and interesting role you have in WFP :) Major props to you for doing such a wonderful job and even more so for chasing your dreams!

  • April

    I can’t wait to hear all about how you got hired!

  • Sara

    Her use of the WF gifs made it even greater. YAY GO CHRISTINE