Check out our latest sketch featuring Ki Hong Lee and Tiffany “TC” Chung! It’s a fun little scene about two people who are drawn to each other, but over the course of a few poorly timed events, misunderstandings and assumptions, they end up giving up on their initial attraction.

Inspired by all the times we’ve seen someone across the room at a cafe/park/library but never had the guts to say anything for one reason or another. Maybe it would’ve ended w/ an awkward hi-bye… or maybe it could’ve been something more. We’ll never know!

Fun Facts:

  • The original concept and script was written in 2008! We were in New York City on tour and wanted to shoot a quick sketch while we were there. So originally this was going to take place in Central Park. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to finish it, so the idea and script was shelved, until a few weeks ago when Phil decided to revisit it as a fun, simple project to do.
  • We haven’t seen Ki Hong act with us since “Away We Happened”. Our first project with him was “Take It Slow”
  • TC has been working indirectly with us for awhile now on ISAtv. She was the host of the weekly news show “Weekly Rewind”. She’s hilarious over there, check her out in all 30+ episodes!
  • All the “floral pants” jokes were improvised after TC really brought floral pants as a wardrobe option. Phil and Wes teased them, but all the girls said they were really “in” right now. So we went with it, but poked fun at them.
  • It’s a good thing all the audio was dubbed. It was a really noisy day at the park while we were shooting. There was a bagpipe group practicing… seriously.


How Wong Fu reflects :p




Over the shoulder



Hope you enjoyed this fun sketch! We hope it motivates you not to judge people from afar, and maybe gives you a little courage to take chances. At the same time, don’t use this as inspiration to be that crazy guy/girl who approaches everyone, lol. Good luck!

  • LoveYouChris

    Is Ki Hong the new Chris?!?

  • Iris

    Floral pants are hipster :3

  • viewster

    i come for bloopers not for blooping messages fuck outter here

    • Sahara Amos

      be nice im w fu 4 lyfe

  • MissMinnie08

    I loved the video! It was very funny! I just wish that the thoughts in my head were as clear as that. Usually I’ve got several things swirling around in my brain that all mash up into one really weird long sentence (O_o) lol

  • amar

    how did you get the runner girl ?

    was it to asked somebody randomly there or its all planned out?

  • Sahara Amos

    guys be nice to us bc even tho ur not a fan dont mean to them they are doing every thing they can wong fu 4 lyfe <3

  • MJ

    WFP, you guys do such awesome videos. I hope you guys do another miniseries soon. I enjoyed your first one, away we happened, the most!

  • Josue Rios

    What camcorder is that in the picture? It looks like it’s from the Canon XL series but that might just be the lens

  • (Good Ending)

    Why isn’t there any behind the scene video. You took pictures but no take videos

  • Amy Chua

    I love the short! Stil watching it in 2017 XD #shrug #Wongfu4lyfe