Once in awhile we like to make videos in line with holidays that are approaching. We’re all in the mood, why not make a short about it? This year we had an idea ready to go since last April! When Phil was having lunch with our intern Sam, Sam shared a funny observation, as a drummer himself, that it’s not a romantic instrument that woo’s girls. (But I thought all girls wanted to date drummers!) Phil decided right there that we’d hold onto that idea for next Valentine’s (almost a whole year). And so that time has come!

We know we have a lot of musician fans out there, you think what the band mates said is accurate? Do you feel “obligated”? We’d just assume music is your default way to express feelings!

Enjoy the outtakes from the night. Everyone was so fun to work with!

Fun Facts:

  • The band’s garage belongs to a friend of Chris’ which fit perfect for the purposes of this short. We didn’t have to change a thing
  • All of AJ’s songs were improvised on the spot!
  • Almost 100 candles, 1000 rose petals, and 14 balloons were used for the “BE MY VALENTINE” scene
  • Angela is Sam’s real life girlfriend (awwwww!) This is both of their acting debuts!
  • Sam improvised his drum love song
  • Angela doesn’t actually know how to play the trombone… obviously.
  • Corridor Digital (Sam and Niko) are known online for their amazing special effects videos… yet this video had none, haha.
  • Sam and Niko are actually part of a band called “The Keep”. They’re awesome.


Everyone trying not to laugh at AJ’s songs






Sam’s big moment


Angela pitching in for her own Valentine’s Day surprise


“It burns! It burns!”


“My heart goes BOOM BOOM BOOM!”


Coolest instrument!



Ji, Kameron and Kason are not amused


Sam surrounded by hearts




  • Yoshi

    I love how my birthday is on valentines day but I’m forever alone.

    • http://twitter.com/hassiat haley t

      I feel you, my birthday is on Valentines day too.

  • Kat Vinson

    My parents met in band – playing the trombone & french horn. I’ll have to ask if they ever wrote songs for each other. lol!

  • Ika

    I’m a girl that plays drums maybe I can get guys :3 lol

  • giselavish

    This is just the sweetest Valentine thing ever!! Awwe.. Btw, welcome to the YT world, Sam & Angela! Looking fwd with more short from you guys! WF4L!

  • Amelia

    Aha ! So Sweet !! Simply Sweet and Heart Warmingggg moments.

  • ysabelle

    musicians would always understand the language of music <3
    thanks wong fu! <3

  • Selim Sepik

    wow this is cool