Yes, this new sketch really is based on a true story as the beginning of the video states. The idea came from the fact that Chris is always promising us that he’ll watch movies with us, and then he forgets, and goes and watches them with another friend. NOT COOL! So, although Chris wasn’t watching movies at the SAME time with different people, the hurt feelings are still there <tear>. This one was a bit special because we let our good friend Viet direct it since he’s a talented guy himself and he’s been wanting to collaborate with us. We thought we could let him take the reins on this one and it was a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy it! And dont’ Cheat!!!! (CHRIS!)

Fun Facts

  • This was a collaboration with our good friends Viet and Chris
  • The slaps from Phil and Manny took multiple… multiple takes… for filming purposes only!
  • Wes was the “shusher”
  • Originally, the characters the girls play were written to have weird quirks. Christine “steals” while Porter was supposed to be a sugar fiend but that scene didn’t make the cut
  • Phil is actually a really big fan of Michael Bay movies
  • Justin Chon’s new movie “21 and Over” makes an audio cameo in Chris and Phil’s theater scene. Supporting Justin IRL and in the fictional sketch!
  • Wes, Porter, Sam, and Christine played extra audience members in the theater scenes
Wes made a cameo, as an extra. We actually didn’t have enough extra people around, so Wes played double duty and was in the background in both theaters.

Getting ready for the slaps

Wes supervising

Viet pointing fingers

Laughing at Manny laughing

  • Glorianne Chia

    Phil can totally play a jealous diva very well ^__^

  • ysabelle

    wes got the best role!:)
    you guys are the best:)

  • William

    Phil the overly attached boyfriend XD

  • crystallemondrop

    its fun to watch the bloopers/behind the scenes! and learning the fun facts about the shoot is… fun ….i felt like i just described a word using the word >_< w/e.
    watching all your guys videos (comedy, drama/romance, wfw, web series, etc.) makes me wish i was your friend lol sigh
    since the girlfriends had quirks you should add it as a deleted scene on here.
    ive been sitting here for like half and hour trying to figure out what to write, writing something and then deleting it and putting something else and then that made me feel like….was it david's character? in Textreme……..SO i hope i dont catch your computer on fire ;D lol tho this comment really isnt toooo long.

  • wongfu

    히어로? Is that a Korean movie? haha

  • Christine Nguyen

    LOL loved the vid. it was hilarious!!

  • alyson

    last pic Phil laughing at Manny laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Ace Ong

    Haha, I get kinda annoyed as well when my friends forget about movies that we were supposed to watch together! Awesome likening it to cheating, just hope Chris didn’t suffer too badly! =D

  • Aznmeintheintermet

    I see korean! Lol! Great video and awesome acting! Ouch! Chris got slapped a lot! ^^

  • Cedar

    did you guys mean ‘reins’ instead of ‘reign’? oh and awesome korean letters down at the bottom picture! XD

  • Yoshi

    Wong fu should make a short love story and has to do with astronomy!!

  • Wesley

    lol coffee scene :D

  • Elaine Jiang

    I have so many of these types of cheater friends >_>