You won’t believe how many emails we get from fans around the world, not saying they like our videos, not saying they’re fans and hope to meet us…no, they email us with real relationship questions and ask for advice! Unfortunately we don’t have the time to answer all these emails but we thought, a lot of our viewers seem to think we can help (maybe our video content makes it appear like we know a thing or two about love), we should make a show to share our responses with others who might be going through the same thing.

Growing up, learning about boys and girls and how to navigate “feelings” was one of the hardest things to figure out. We hope that with our experience (age) we can share what we’ve learned and hopefully help our viewers figure out what’s going on in their lives.

So check out the first episode, you might relate to some of the questions! And if you have your own, you can tweet @ISATVofficial your question AND age/grade with the hastag #ItsComplicated

On this first episode we talk about Valentine’s memories, “when do guys know what they want”, a unique “love triangle”, and “texting a girl too much” with our guests Chris and Christine from our own Wong Fu team! More episodes and guests to come!

  • Amelia

    haha ! I’ve learned a thing or two now ! :D

  • Crystal

    I <3 Chris!!

  • B

    hey so me and my boyfriend have been dating for more than 18 months now and just last week before the week before our Lunar New Year holiday, he broke up with me. He explained a lot of confusing reasons like I changed and our thoughts being different. Everything was fine before the break up and he even got me valentine gift from Taiwan. Except we had this little argument where he totally blew me off with and I ignored him for a day. So I fought for what I believed was the right thing to do, I tried talking to him and wrote him a digital letter. All that he responded was asking me to move on and everything. According to my friends, he is also sad about this whole break up thing. He still cares about me and everything and he told my friends that he doesn’t like me anymore and that he “wants his wings back” but when I asked for a honest answer if he still loves me, he replied with “not as much as before”. I am just really confuse at the moment and I have to see him everyday in school as well as some of my classes. I really don’t want to let go of this relationship, I’m just so devastated and heart broken because he takes up such a huge part of my life. We are not exactly talking right now, everyone around me told me to give it time and he will come to realization or some sort. I want to know your comment on this. I really love him.

    • B

      I hope you can reply this privately through my email. Thank you so much.

  • Alexandra Huang

    Oh my goodness… Phil’s Valentine’s day story was hilarious XD

  • Ika

    When is the next one coming out?

  • namnomnom

    Do girls ever stop to consider a bro’s friendship with another bro if one of those said bros is her ex? It seems like girls can be selfish in this situation. They know that John Smith and Joe Bob are bestest bros. John Smith happens to be her ex yet she would still pursue a relationship with John Bob without any regards about how they would shatter a friendship..

  • isolated

    I WAS best friend with this guy since gr 10, and we both had different relationships with other ppl. His gf didn’t like how close we were so she stopped talking to me and told everyone that i hated her but i dont even. One time, she got really angry and tweeted bout me saying “fucking bitch” or “Why don’t you be happy with what you got” or “back off bitch”. I was really shocked, she used to be friend but i guess not.. I had to find out bout this from other ppl too bcuz i dont have tweeter so that was evn more disappointing. Her bf didnt evn know bout the tweet when i told him about it and all he said was “uhh can we talk bout something else”. that hurt me, i mean i understand that it put him in an awkward position where he has to b btwn his gf and his best friend but at the same time, i needed someone to talk to but he chose not to be there for me. So i contemplated whether i shud endure everything that she said bout me on tweeter (thts not the only tweets she posted) and continue being friends with her bf or i shud stop and think bout myself first bcz at tht point i was bursting out crying. Ultimately, i then chose to stop being friends with him and i avoided them together. I thought it wud be done it wasnt, she still kept on tweeting bout me. My friends cudnt believe wuut she had done so they kept tabs on her if she ever did it again and told me bout it, i didnt want them to but they did it anyway. They agreed with me that wuut she did was plain out wrong and i guess they were taking my side of the story. From that point of the story, our whole Asian group got segregated. Everyone in the group was much close to her than i was so i understood that it wud be awkward to put them in a situation that they have to chose btwn me and her so i ultimately stopped talking to everyone. Those who agreed me continued to talk to me thoo and still kept tabs on her however… they acted as if nothing happend infront of her. I know im sounding like a child bcuz their not taking my side, but like.. if they can say so much stuff bout her and how im at at the short end of the stick why wud they continue being friends with her. i hate to put them in tht situation but it hurts. They acted as if it was okay that she posted those stuff on tweeter bout me. They continued being friends with her but talked behind her backed when im around. Their there when theres a problem with me but they acted as if nothing happend when she’s around. EVERYONE in the whole group isolated me. personally, i dont mind being alone but it doesnt mean that i like it… i may have not been close friends with some of them but at the same time im sick and tired of being left alone. If they were really my friends they wud stop being friends with her rite? when i think bout tht question, i feel like im acting as a child… but at the same time if they were really my friends is it really okay for them to act like the whole thing was okay? seeing them so close i feel like it didnt matter that she called me a bitch either way bcuz in the end their still going to be friends. And here i am second period spare, all alone .. at lunch.. have no one to hang out with. after school.. i did nothing but hmk, go to the gym, work and no one to talk to.. im sick and tired of being alone. i dont want to be isolated anymore. please help me.. i dont know wut to do anymore.

  • nickyy19

    when to ask a girl out? and can you guys talk about “friend ZONED”

  • Klaus Frey

    Thanks for sharing your insight on this topic.