Sometimes it’s just more fun to imagine our mundane lives with a little more intensity or higher stakes on the line. At first starting off as an idea about a couple friends finding out that ALL the food in their kitchen was expiring on the SAME day, after some brainstorming and writing we realized that would be too crazy. Either way, we enjoyed making this intense, dramatic sketch…a little different than our normal stuff! Hope you enjoy it too!

Fun Facts

  • Yes Phil actually attempted to chug the milk and Anthony did take spoonfuls of mayo… like real men!
  • After 5 hours of filming and then being this close to finishing, we changed functions on the camera and thought we lost all the footage. But luckily we didn’t!
  • Kevjumba was nice enough to let us use his kitchen (till 2am!), even though he had to get up early for an audition the next day. THANKS KEVIN!!
  • After working with Anthony in “When it Counts,” we knew we had to feature him in a short and we think he did an awesome job as the friend who had to eat disgusting amounts of mayo.




Chug chug chug


Eggs of fury


Time out


JP and Jason working hard behind the scenes


You eat it!




  • P14t00m

    am i the first to comment!?
    funny short =)

  • disqus_eHeOODgHdU

    this was so freaking funny hahahhah i love you guys

  • Katherine L Vinson

    Can’t believe he really had to eat mayo. Poor guy!

    • WF4L

      Ya! Mayo’s good w/ things but I never thought of eating it by itself. Gross!!!

  • Rachel

    why is ted always missing these days?? :(

  • Miles

    nice short, but when are wong fu weekends coming back?

  • Elaine Jiang

    Just so you know Phil, recently expired milk is great for milk baths that are good for your skin HARHARHAR. No need to chug it all next time :P