Telescope (working title)

Have you ever found yourself revisiting a chapter of your life when you least expected to? Does the story continue where it last left off? Or does it start over with new characters and conflicts? After almost one year since his last short, Two After Noon, Wes is excited to share this new short about distance, time and their effect on a young couple.

Featuring Robert Ryu, Julie Zhan, and Ki Hong Lee.

ISA! – The first Asian American variety game show!

ISAtv has been producing some great content over the past year on its channel, highlighting the Asian American community in arts, entertainment, and culture. And now they’re taking on another challenge! ISA!, the first ever Asian American variety game show. You know all those fun shows you see from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong that are all about a big cast of Asian celebrities having fun playing games and chatting? We thought, “Why can’t we have that here?” We have Asian American celebrities and youtubers, let’s try to bring everyone together for a fun outrageous show. The pilot is going to be shot later this month, (you might even have a chance to go to the taping), and if it does well, we can turn it into a series! That’s all we can say for now, but be ready for ISA!

Collaborating with XPAX!

We were put in touch with XPAX to collaborate on their current web drama “Don’t Lost it All”. We’re going to help on coming up with a finale for the series. After watching the first 3 episodes, we have an idea of where it could go, but first they need your input. Watch the video below and go to  to vote on what the happy ending should be!

We’re going Off-roading with Subaru

We always have a great time working with Subaru. A couple years ago we made “Too Fast”. Last year they let us make an entire 4 episode web series “Company Car”. This spring we are delighted to say that we are once again working with Subaru to bring you two more funny shorts! We got the scripts written and we’ll be shifting everything into high gear as we strap into this full month of filming.

It’s going to be a great month! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Join our V.I.P. Mailing list so you don’t miss out on any of it!

  • Sam

    Xpax. An overseas project? Malaysian?!

    • Sue-Jane

      Haha…it’s Malaysian alright…Hope they save it from the stage that it’s in currently…D:

  • Siam

    Can’t wait to see you guys’ new sketches :D Good luck! U guys are my inspiration :)

  • Ana Gabriel

    Good job, guys! We are so proud of you! It’s always a pressure to do better than what you have already done. So much expectations, right? But always remember to rest and have fun. We don’t want any of you to get sick (both physical and emotional). Good luck! Love, Ana :)

  • Vivian Kwan

    YES. A game show! SuperTrio is iconic in Hong Kong. They do some pretty random, dumb, and idiotic stuff in the later seasons, but the earlier seasons were really good! The mystery wasabi-spiked sushi game, closing door charades, and getting foreigners who don’t speak Chinese to sing Cantonese songs improperly then the contestants have to race to guess it were all classic games on the show! They’re the most memorable to me and some of the funniest moments have come from them. Oh and there was also barefoot running on those acupuncture bumpy mats, hahaha! Watching our favourite celebrities in pain? Always funny, ahaha.

  • chia

    so proud of you guys! <<<3

  • Angela Sarmiento

    Excited =)

  • giselavish

    omg. cant wait for Telescope!!!

  • wongfu4lyfe

    love to see this happen. I’ve been a fan since day 1

  • Tran

    Can’t wait for EVERYTHING!!

  • Sahara Amos

    is ted goin to help D:
    love u ted <3 and wes and phill…

  • Kim

    Where’s Ted? :(

  • coolisobro

    I miss WFW. Please start posting them again!( :

  • Lyda Khin

    Where is ted? N right, looking forward to ur new project, yet i miss WFW so bad =”(

  • Johnny Camaniti

    WOW, you guys are doing projects in Malaysia? There are a bunch of us expats here that love Wong Fu! Are we allowed to be fans (we aren’t Asian : )? JK. Nice job Xpax!! You hired the right crew. Hope to see more projects here from you guys. Looking fwd to the tour again too. My gf keeps referring to Strangers Again when I act up…whatever.

  • Michell 米雪

    I’ve voted! When will the ending be rolled out?

  • rachel

    i voted!!

  • katya palileo

    “Telescope” reminds me of Ken Grimwood’s “Replay” (a good read). Looking forward to it and to all your other projects :)