If you haven’t heard yet, we’re taking over INSTAGRAM!!!

Ok ok no need to get too excited. We meant taking over OUR instagram (yayyy)

When we first signed up for an account we wanted to keep it in line with our twitter handle @wongfupro. But it was already taken, sad face, so we had to settle for @wongfuprod… with a “D”. What is “prod”?? Obviously short for “productions”. But some of our friends said it just looked like “prod” as in, poking someone. Anyway, the owner of “pro” recently messaged us and told us they’d give us control of the account. Horray. So now that our accounts are the same, we’re ready to really start using it!

So come visit, follow us, and we’ll play you a song.


Because that’s what real friends do!


See you guys there!

Official WFP Instagram @wongfupro


  • Ika

    YAY :D

  • Lucy

    That “pro” user is so nice! :D Yayyy!

  • Elcnqr

    Yeeeey! :D