We team up with Subaru again, but this time to bring some outdoor fun into our short! It’s always interesting working with new props and finding funny subtle ways to incorporate them into the storyline. It’s not as easy as it looks to get and transport a kayak. But it was definitely fun throwing Chris into the water with it and watching what happens! We think he did a great job “acting” awkward!

Fun Facts

  • Jim Lau and Elizabeth Sung have played husband and wife on screen many times. You may recognize them from the movie Ping Pong Playa
  • The short was shot in Arcadia where peacocks roam the streets. There were several calling out to each other while we were filming which made it really hard on sound
  • Chris has really never kayaked before
  • The house is owned and designed by our same architect friend who designed the “Take it Slow” house
  • This is our 3rd collaboration with Subaru


Shhh… shhh…
::shuffle closer::

You think they can see us Phil?


Something is missing here…




Our dedicated PA, Shawn, working hard to make Elizabeth glow nicely






Derrick and Sam working…?


Wong Fu style lighting


Real friends make sure your mic is on just right

  • http://twitter.com/Ru_Joong Haruka Ishimoto

    Watched it! :D and it was hilarious!!! Love all your shorts!! Keep up the great work!! and YAAAY!! first comment? ^_^