Hi!! Long time no chat huh? I’m sorry! I’ll be better!

SO we just got back from Hong Kong and it was wonderful. Thanks to the amazing students of AIESEC HKBU, we got to meet (and greet) so many NICE WFP fans in person!! 1300 + to be exact! Even though we only arrived the night before the event, all that energy from everyone was so addicting that we didn’t go to sleep till 3am that night.

Although our time there was jam packed with activities and it was super tiring, we loved every minute there. The food, the shopping, the culture… the people! I miss it all already!

But enough talk! Here are some moments I caught on my phone and wanted to share with you all.


And we’re off!


Jet lagged but excited to meet everyone!



What a fantastic event! Thank you to everyone who went out of your way to come say hi :D




Gloomy yet still pretty day


Eating the best ramen I’ve ever had with our good friend Carmen
Miss you Carmen!!


Awkwardly cute panda recycler!


Wes’ dream come true


nomnom gummies! My favorite




Can’t show you yet!


(photo by Carmen)

Thank you Hong Kong for the best time!
And thank you WF for bringing me along :]
Can’t wait for our next adventure so I can take you all with us through these posts!




  • http://www.facebook.com/carynnkn Caryn Ng Kai Ning

    Hong Kong! One of my fav place to visit! Never get tired going there year after year. Looking forward to what you guys managed to “capture” in Hong Kong!

  • Ika

    Wes is tall O.O

  • http://twitter.com/loiischau Lois Chau

    Wes’ back…. He always make me speachless! And Phil!!!! Nice haircuuuut

  • Vivian Kwan

    Sigh, missed being in the same city as you guys by a couple days! I’m waiting for my flight to HK right now! Sad face :(

  • deerytea

    really liked the last pic!!!now i have to go to that same placeXD and omg you guys were in hysan place!!! >.< shouldve tried my luck there^.<

  • sosad

    why didnt i know Wongfu productions were in Hong Kong?!?!??! i so wish i have met you guys