Once in a while, we write a script that we know will require a lot A LOT of extra work but we do it anyways because we really want to show you guys the end product. “FLASHBACKATTACK” is one of those times. We didn’t hold back on this one, especially with the format of flash scenes told out of sequence meant to make you question… what the heck just happened?! It’s a bit different from our other shorts, but we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we had making it for you!



Behind the Scenes:


Fun Facts:

  • This was one of our most extensive shoots with just over 20 short scenes in the original script
  • We shot at the campsite for 10 hours
  • Chris is a big fan of all things zombie and had been wanting to write a short with a zombie based plot
  • We were going to bring in a generator to light up the campsite night scenes but decided it would be better if we didn’t disturb nearby campers. So we used lanterns instead!
  • The “mud” that Chris fell into was actually chocolate syrup!


Day one begins. Everyone helps out

The men of WFP, doing manly things like… packing :p

Fresh air! yayy


Behind the Scenes brought to you by Sam Bay

Phil, Wes, and Nate with the behind the camera pose and concentrated looks. Do it again TED!


Ruby aka BABY CHRISTINE getting ready for her close up


Chris and YOUNG CHRIS aka Kason! Kason has Chris pinpointed, all the way down to that sly smile



  • http://www.facebook.com/eescorpius Elaine Jiang

    Young Chris is gonna grow up to be a heartbreaker. Such a cutie!

  • Wendell Good

    Thumbs up wfp!! aim for 25yrs hehe