It’s here! It’s finally here!!

We’ve been so excited to share this with you guys!! If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to watch your favorite youtubers compete, play games, and laugh at one another, then this is the show for you!! We’ve been working on this show nonstop with the ISA team. And it was something that really started from just a simple thought that grew into reality. We can’t believe it ourselves that everything came together and we got to create something of pure entertainment and fun just for you!

Check back on May 23rd for the full release!!

  • v

    so excited for it!!!!! i’m counting down!!

    love from singapore!

  • WF4L

    Yes!!! I can’t wait!!

  • Ong Pamela

    Hi I love all ur videos – they’re funny, loveble, amusing, lovely, addictive. I especially liked ur video on no-smoking. It’s realy funny. I noticed that you’ve not done any video on dogs n cats. Just a suggestion, can u do one video tat emphasizes on proper planning before getting a pet, “adopt, not buy” or responsible pet ownership, or a touching story where the viewers will be inclined to care for the stray dogs n cats, rather than terminating them by sending them to shelters where these beautiful creatures will be exterminated. Sorry. Just feel very sad. I see many kind hearted people rescuing the homeless dogs n cats on the streets everyday. I watch many real-life heart-rending videos how the stray dogs are caught, tortured, and killed. With so many rescuers and killing, why are there still stray dogs on the streets? Coz people are dumping their dogs.

    People buy or adopt puppies when they’re young and cute, but fail to train them, they did not neuter their dogs, few years later, they get married/ have children /decided to get a new dog/move house/migrate/can’t pay rent/ neighbour complain/ dog noisy/ dog smelly/ dog not behaving well, etc and they dump their dogs on the streets/ in the market/ in some faraway neighbourhood – allowing their dogs to stray n mate and give birth to the many more strays. Sorry for my real-so-terribly-long suggestion. Just a thought… I would really be thankful and appreciative if you can do one such video, and I’m sure many dog rescuers all over the world will shower tears of gratitude to your team. This is a hot issue where many people are passionate about. Who knows, it may be another blast. Just a hopeful wish.

    Sorry again, I know it’s got nothing to do with ISA – but I do not know how else to get in touch with you.