As some of you may know, Wes was in Singapore last week to attend the first ever Social Star Awards. Basically it was a live show that awarded different people and groups for utilizing social media. It was a really fun show that included some amazing performances (you’ll see in the photos below!). Even better, Wes got to catch up with some YouTube friends and make some new ones as well! Thanks to everyone that came out to the many events that were going on that week in Singapore. WFP<3U. If you’re interested in the show, it was recorded and you can watch it HERE

But if you want a more “real” look, here are some photos that Wes took along the way. Enjoy!

Getting driven to the Marina Bay Sands in one of the many official Social Star Awards official vehicles. Faaancy!


Our buddy David Choi performing at Music Matters Fan Fest!


Ryan and Andrew Garcia came too! Elevator selca :D


Super fun new friends Simon and Martina from @EatYourKimchi


Red Carpet time! Talk about flashing lights. What’s the big commotion? O__O


Oh nothing. Just Aerosmith Interviewing next to Wes. OMG!


About to go into the main performance hall for the big show.


The hosts for the night: Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven. Yup.


Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. That is all.


Carly Rae Jepsen really wanting the phone call!


Tsulu! George Takei. Oh my!


Ceelo Green. He saw me driving round town with a girl he knew…


The gentleman that is PSY. Dem hips tho. jkwhat?


Wes and David meet Ceelo. He probably forgot us. harharhar.


Wes and the Invisible Woman being not-so-invisible. #nocomplaints


Just some of the other awesome people that were there! Ryan Higa, Andrew Garcia, Chester See, Boyce Avenue, EatYourKimchi and Jinnyboy!


  • Wong Fu 4 LYFE

    Thats so cool! Did you guys win any awards, being an award show and all! I wish ya’ll would do a tour in the USA again. I was too young when you guys did a couple of years ago. But, I know it is time consuming and exhausting, so you may not want to do it

  • Guest

    Haha I hope Wes had fun in Singapore! I remember how he tried to get out of the hotel without being noticed and had his eyes glued to his phone’s screen! I still caught him though and after I took a selfie with him, a group of fangirls surrounded him. Oopsie sorry Wes! :P

  • Ace Ong

    Hope Wes had a great time here! Bring Ted and Phil next time too! =)

  • melmusica

    Looks like Wes has an earring in that photo with simon and martina! Looks like Wes has gotten over Cathy Nguyen and now has Jessica Alba~

  • Chris Lee

    Hope someone gets to read this and replies to it…

    What’s the brand or model or where did Wes buy his glasses? I need glasses and I really like something like Wes’.

  • Alexandra Huang

    Whoo! EYK and Wongfu… my favorite youtubers together!