In celebration of Wong Fu’s 10 year anniversary, the team here at WF wanted to share our personal stories of how Wong Fu Productions and Wes, Phil, and Ted have changed our lives.

I, like many of you guys out there, started with one video and said, “it’s about time someone made a video about that!” And that’s something that Wong Fu Productions does best and has always proven to do better than anyone out there. They tell our stories. They manage to capture our thoughts and feelings and put it on screen with such quality and grace. You feel like you know them without even having met them.

With each passing short they produce and each milestone they reach, you suddenly find yourself a part of the journey. Because in fact you are. That became the beauty of the youtube community. Your views matter. Your comments shape the next video and help create the next NG merchandise. Your support help bring them out to live events and connect with you face to face.

It’s easy to see Wes, Ted, and Phil as good friends or part of your family. Their success becomes your success. You root for Wong Fu Productions as a company to grow bigger, stronger, and upwards. Because you’ve been there for them throughout this time.

Which is why this 10 year anniversary is meaningful to us all. Who would have thought that one video of Asian Justin Timberlake (aka Phil) would bring all this and connect us all? If anything Wong Fu Productions has shown the world, it’s that some things are just meant to be. And some people are chosen to change us all because they have the right combination of courage, skill, perseverance, charisma, and a really really good heart.

After almost 3 years of working with the guys, I can say with absolute confidence that nobody else could have been the pioneers they have been these past 10 years and accomplished what they did for the community like Phil, Wes, and Ted. I’ve never been more proud to be apart of a company and never more passionate about the work that we do every single day of our lives. Because it means something. To me. To them. And to you… The Wong Fu Family.

Thank you Wes, Ted, Phil, WF team and of course to you the fans for allowing me to pursue my passion and changing my life forever.

Keep watching because the next 10 yrs are going to be mind blowing!




  • Esmeralda from S’pore :)

    Dear Wesley, Ted and Philip,
Firstly, congratulations for making this far, reaching an honourable milestone. We, the fans, have undoubtedly stuck by you, looking forward to every new video, buying merchandises and waiting hours to see you.
A decade is a long time, and you guys have made it very far. Thank you for always succeeding to put a smile on our faces, making us laugh till our tummies hurt and always touching our hearts with warm words.
My favourite short is “When Five Fell” because it was really a brilliant piece of work and I’m just in awe. Of course I have many other favourites from other genres too! 

I hope to see you guys in Singapore soon. I love you~ x
    -Esmeralda (@raldakiddos on Tw/Ig)
It was nice meeting you in Singapore, Wesley.
Thank you Ted for noticing this pic on Insta and liking it.
Phil, I’m waiting for smth! Haha.

  • Lawliet Rubina L

    May god bless you and keep your progress in coming years :) .. wongfu production videos are most entertaining videos ever! i hope even my grandchildren cud watch wongfu video movies in nex 20/30 years hehe! Beside we all love you wesley/ted/phlip you guys are the best at production field including all your co-stars xD ..AND so many blessing and all the good words goes to you guys .. plz come to england someday :D .. stay bless ^^

  • Awkward fan ^.^

    10 years of WFP, what a tremendous extremely hard work and endless effort! From the webcam in the bedroom to an office with millions of fans! Congratulations and THANK YOU nice guys! Phil, Ted and Wes, I love you guys! The three of you should know by now that you are an inspiring trio which tells stories, make dreams come true and pull it all together for the world to spectate. You have became an inspirational role model for million of viewers with your perseverance and commitments to achieve your dream! You probably did not see your self where you are right now 10 years ago! The best part about you guys is, you are so genuinely true to yourself in your short clips, dramas, WFW etc., which I am so grateful and I thank you for that! Be confident and never doubt yourself! Over the past week, I was watching your previous video from the Baller, Give and Take and Bad Directions to your recent videos: Shell, Home MV,The Last and When it Counts and was so overwhelmed with how much WFP have grown in the past 10 years. Of course, this will not happen without your amazing WFP team as your arms and legs, awksome friends, loved ones and of course your fantabulous fans! You should be very, very proud of yourself! ^.^ I don’t know if any of you will read this or not but I am interested to know what are your future directions? I have always love your motto ” Nice is never out of style”, and you have kept that true in all your shorts and series. I am not a professional but I was wondering have you guys thought of bringing the “nice guy” one step further and be nice not only in terms of friends, family or bf/gf but in a community level? For example, a clip to warrant awareness of homelessness, a clip to help a family who is has a child who is disable to tell their story, a clip or program to help other young adults like you grow and make their dreams come true, etc. This may challenge WFP and maybe even reach different type of viewers and maybe even open up new opportunities for WFP to grow! You guys might have already thought about this and I may sound like an absolute idiot! But hey, I am gonna click post anyway =D Keep up the good work lads. You guys are incredible. Phil, Ted and Wes, Thank you for what have done for the world and congratulations for such an outstanding achievement. All the best and I wish you all well! Love you guys!! WF4L!!! ^.^

  • Casy Álvarez Aguilar

    thank you christy! you said everything that I feel and think about you and Phil Ted and Wes. My parents don’t understand why I love them so much, but they also like the videos and stories. Thank you for all of your good work!! All of you are such a nice guys :D

  • Lucas

    Congratulations on 10 years of hard work and perseverance! I am a HUGE fan of your work and I watch your videos regularly. I hope you guys would do more tours to southeast Asia with Regina and Christine. Wes, Ted and Phil, you three are a talented group that deserve more recognition. ;)

    • Awkward Guest

      nice guys do finish first!

  • curiosity

    what is wes doing here? haha, jokes aside, this was a wonderful and well deserved post to the guys =] nice one wfp, u know u have all of us right behind u in the past up to now and for the future! genuinely, all the best. ^^