“I’m a Nice Girl”


Hello! My name is Regina Fang, and I have been working at Wong Fu Productions for the past 5 years as a producer, tour manager, blog updater, etc.  Basically whatever the guys need, our team here at WFP tries our best to make it happen.

I started off as a fan who got lucky; they took a chance and gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream of working in film.  I didn’t know it then, but my life was about to drastically change.  I never thought it was possible to work in the entertainment industry.  It always seemed like a fleeting dream that my parents told me had a very low success rate, but it was still my dream.

When I started working on Wong Fu sets, I knew it wasn’t the traditional way that film works but I loved it anyways.  I actually started when the guys were still working out of their living room.  I always felt as though I thrived in this environment, I loved being able to watch the scripts they poured endless hours into come to life.  Phil, Wes and Ted have an infinite amount of passion, and it made me want to strive to be like them.  They were pursuing their dreams, and though their path before them was unclear, they went forth and put in their best efforts anyway.  They are a huge inspiration to me not just because of the stories they tell and the success they’ve had, but because of the people they are.  Phil is a storyteller, Wes is a dreamer, and Ted holds us all together.  Each of them have traits that I aspire to have and despite this demanding industry they have still remained the “Nice Guys” that we started to watch 10 years ago.

Wong Fu Productions has changed my life because I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I started off as a confused high school senior and then continued as a college student still not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.  I always thought that medicine was the route to go but it never felt right.  It wasn’t until these past few months that I decided to pursue a Masters in Management because I have always loved the relationships that people have and how I can apply that knowledge to the inner workings of different companies.  I hope to use this business degree in the ever-growing industry and I couldn’t be happier with the program.  This is actually the first time I have been excited to start school.

Without Wong Fu Productions, I wouldn’t understand the concept of truly pursuing your passions.  In today’s world, it is so easy to get caught up in the monetary value of things that we forget what truly matters, happiness.  Through them I have been able to meet dozens of other artists who share the same love for the industry.  They are showcasing all of their amazing talents, and the best part is that we’re doing it all together.

So, thank you Wes, Ted, and Phil for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. Thank you for teaching me lessons that I could never learn in a classroom. Thank you for always looking out for me.  Thank you for inspiring all of us to get our voices heard. But most importantly, thank you for teaching me the importance of being nice in all aspects of life.

Cheers to the past 10 years and the many more to come.


First picture I took with Ted, Phil, and Wes.

Somewhere in between.

And definitely not the last.

-Regina Fang

  • WFP Fan

    That was so nostalgic. I only one day hope I can get a lucky opportunity like you.

  • avocadoicecream

    Amazing. I’m currently majoring in digital filmmaking in university and honestly I still get stuck every now and then wondering if this is the path that i genuinely want to pursue. I’ve always loved art, I still do, but I’m always afraid that passion alone wont be able to help me pull through discouragements and many obstacles that I will probably face when I step into the creative industry in the future.

    But you guys in wfp played a significant part in helping me understand that the best things come from nowhere but ourselves, and that nothing should be able to stop me from expressing myself through doing things that i love.

    “I’ll encourage you not to just make a living, but to live to make something.” -Wesley Chan 2012

    (ahahahahahah because it’s so cheesy to end with a quote so i guess i should add some awkward laughter here)

  • Ben

    That was a great read glad you joined Wong Fu Regina
    Hope I could see you in WFW again playing board games and stuff