Can you believe it’s been a decade since we posted our very first video? Neither can we. Who knew that would be the start of this incredible journey we get to share with you guys? We’ve been so lucky to be able to tell 10 years worth of stories from our college days till now. And because of that, we’re forever grateful to you to sticking with us.. whether that be from 1 week to all ten years.

As we’ve shared our stories with you, we’d love for you to share yours with us. Comment below, tweet us (@wongfupro), hashtag on tumblr (#wongfu10yrs), or write us on Facebook how Wong Fu has played a part in your life. We can’t wait to see!



  • Mark Nutt


  • Keller

    10years? 10 amazing years? I’ve only found out about you guys in recent years and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been struggling for many years to let go of my secular job and to start something I’m passionate about due to insecurity and am afraid of failure. Call me scaredy cat :p but when I stumbled upon your videos and gradually see how you guys pushed on, week after week creating WFW, 3 of you, inspire me to live my dream. I’ve yet to take that first step but it will be very soon! Thank you WongFu!! Thank you Ted, Phil and Wes!!

  • Chris

    Congrats on your 10 years great stories you’ve shared with us guys. I love your work and I am a fan of everything you guys do. I have been watching your videos since 2010 but I have went through I believe everyone of your videos since then. From your comedy videos to your serious ones they have given me great perspectives to different parts of my life. Especially your crazy deep videos. Keep on making awesome videos and I will watch them.

  • Lydia

    Its already 10 year?!?!?! I only started watching you guys from 2010 and ur telling me it’s already 10 years???!!!! You guys are amazing. When I started watching your videos was when I got the hang of YouTube. Whenever I’m sad or confused, I just watch a old/new video and start laughing. Thanks so much for helping me stand strong and have a great laugh everyday :)

  • silverdoodles

    Congrats to 10 years! I’m proud to say I am one of the original fans of yours (though I had a short break in the middle where I didn’t follow up but whatever) Ready for a long comment? Long comment is long, sorry haha.

    It was around 2005-2006 (my older sis said 2005 but I don’t remember) when Xanga was still in. I was only a middle schooler, and for kids our age, it was all about trying to make our Xangas super pretty with awesome layouts and bg music and whatnot. I ended up on a Xanga blog that just posts music links for us to use on our pages. And at the bottom, there was a section called “funny stuff” (or something like that). And it had links to your lipsync videos like Senorita, Sunday Morning, etc. I don’t remember if Yellow Fever was on that page as well, but eventually my sister, cousin and I saw that video and just had a blast watching them. After that I didn’t keep up with you guys anymore. I don’t know why, maybe just got busy or something. Then around my freshman or sophomore year of high school, we had “clone day” as one of the dress up days for homecoming week. A whole bunch of my friends were wearing the original NG design shirts. I was like, “omg these are so cool! where’d you get them?” My friend said, “Wong Fu” so I went back to your site and backtracked through everything. Watched all your old vlogs and shorts that I didn’t catch up on, and convinced my friend to buy me a Wong Fu shirt (since I couldn’t shop online then). I have the original “sometimes cupid is stupid” shirt in white (though it’s kind of dull white now from being worn so much lol), the discontinued “finish your story with a nice girl”, “I <3 NG" vneck, and the "nice girl" drawing one (which is stained D:). Since then, that's when I regained my interest to keep following up on you guys and keep myself updated with your activities. I really admire what you guys are doing and how a small interest has made you guys continue to be successful to this day. You guys are still grounded, still humble, dorky, and not at all changed from the popularity that you guys achieved in these years. I can only wish you guys more success, more bigger activities, and so much more in the future. Congrats on 10 years and good luck for your future endeavors. WONG FU 4 LYFE! <3

  • Jwen

    Yay! Well done!! Watched your works a few yrs back, stopped, became patchy and now I think I’m an addict. The 10 yr video is a great idea and in itself showed how much you guys have grown. Its really awesome being able to contrast your earlier works (which were really charming) with your recent ones ( scripts & editing have become so, so good! )

    Strangers Again made an impact. I had been dead set against the idea of relegating the then closest person in my life to becoming just a name and a memory, but knowing that halfway across the globe is also a bunch of people hating it as much catapulted me into the realm of accepting that some things shouldn’t be perpetuated, some ideals have got to give. Can’t say yet that I made the right decision ( haha!) but its not a bad decision. Thank you for helping us watch our own heady youthful lives!

    Extremely curious to know whether wongfu ‘themes’ will evolve as you guys age…will find out on your 20th bday!!

  • Yuki