Have you ever wanted to be in a Wong Fu Weekends?!

In celebration of our 100th WFW, we thought to ourselves we have to  include our fans!! So we want to invite YOU, the local fans (sorry to all our other amazing fans who live further away) to come play games with us!

Here are the details:

When: Tomorrow, June 12th

Time: Anytime between 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Where: Almansor Park
S Almansor St, Alhambra, CA

What: Bring your friends and be ready to play games!!

We’ll see you guys there!
Bring it!



  • charlescchan

    Wish I lived in LA right now! Toronto!!

    • Vivi

      they should notice earlier. Maybe we can get a flight to LA lol

      • charlescchan

        If I could Collab with WFP, I would so fly to LA!

  • Julie Pham

    Why is this so last minute?! Gahhh I have finals too :(

  • Vivian Kwan

    Another reason that I wish I lived in LA, lol

  • Ilean Ing

    D: Sucks cause I originally live in the 626…but I have to be in Riverside for college. :< I've always wanted to meet them cause I love their work

  • Jacky

    I live down the street, XD

  • KQ

    Nuuuuu D: make it next weeek! I have finals.

  • victor

    lol i live 50 minutes away but i dont think i can get a ride :(

  • bear

    WONG FU, would you be there earlier then 5:30
    I can go earlier TT ^ TT

  • Tami

    my graduation…whyyy D:

  • rlee

    see you guys tom.!! ii cant wait!! :) yay <3

    • Karen

      I’m going too!

  • Cleo_quin

    Okay, I might live half way across the globe but my spirit will be there!

  • Karen

    I will be going! See you guys tomorrow!!!!

  • Vivian Nguyen


  • ronstoppable ♛

    right behind my school HAHAh

  • Alexandra Huang

    Just one state away… so close… yet so far D:

  • silverdoodles

    Awww, I’m leaving to LA area the day after. Darn. I shoulda booked my ticket to LA earlier haha.

  • Alice Vega

    I was trying to switch shifts with my coworkers just to go to this. :(

  • Autumn

    Noooo it’s Finals week at UCSD!!! ):



  • Ha

    Wong fu probably posted this last minute so there won’t be a commotion. Can you imagine it’s like an ISA event but without structure. Love them for celebrating their 100th wfw with fans.

  • Kimberly Nguyen

    So sad~~ I live all the way in New England :( I hope everyone who does go has lots of fun though! Hug Phil, Wes, Ted, and Christine for me!

  • Larry Yu

    i live in la but cant come!!!!!! :(

  • Ella

    I KNEW I should have went to California this year! ARGH. We were going to pass by Alhambra for Chinatown and everything. :c

  • Emily Lee

    I wish I was there but I had no time to go -_-