As employees of Wong Fu Productions, we all know how lucky we are to be working here… getting to do what we love and working with people who we love doing all this work/play with. Because of that, we wanted to do something special to the very guys who started it all and who give and have given so selflessly to the community. I realized that we were the only people who could do this kind of video because of all the connections we’ve built with all our youtuber friends.

It took some planning in terms of what we wanted the video to look and sound like so when we put out the ask to all the youtubers, the videos they sent in would be as consistent as possible. But of course it took little to no convincing to get everyone involved. In fact, the support was truly overwhelming. It just goes to show the awesome reputation these nice guys had built throughout these 10 years.

Sam edited everything. Derrick made all the music and banners. JP stayed on top of all the emails and clips being sent in. And I had the easiest job of making sure everything went according to plan. At the end of the day, as long as it made the guys feel an ounce of the happiness they make everyone else around them feel… then I say it was a success.


  • Matthew

    That’s an understatement. Wong fu changed so many lives its incredible. The wonders of what they did for the Asian community has really made me glad im Asian. I wish I could work with wong fu..thatll be my dream job.

    • Helen

      At my camp, we had a live Q&A session with them. It was super inspiring!

  • rebecca

    the video was amazing.. so much work put into making it. but worth it cuz it looks great! and indeed what a great gift

  • Thomas Shao