We are looking for some hard working, talented, enthusiastic, and passionate people to be a part of our Wong Fu family!

If you are all of those things and have wondered what it was like to work here at Wong Fu Productions, take a look down below and send us your applications! We’re excited to hear from you.


Assistant Video Editor and Camera Operator

WFP seeks a part-time assistant video editor and camera operator who can be able to handle multiple projects and meet weekly deadlines. The ideal person must work efficiently with an intuitive storytelling ability. While the focus of this position is video editing and camera operating, he/she should be flexible to take on other roles such as audio mixer and grip. Please note candidates must be able to dedicate at least three days per week in order to be eligible.

Apply here: http://bit.ly/1eDXjJZ
Remember to submit your reel, cover letter, and resume!



WFP is seeking an energetic, driven, and positive team player with a passion for media and marketing to assist our team in our day to day office activities as well as on set. The ideal person has the ability to thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative environment and can work on multiple priority projects simultaneously. He or she is also enthusiastic and comfortable with new and existing technology and platforms. Please note candidates must be able to dedicate at least two days per week in order to be eligible.


Apply here: http://bit.ly/1b3ZMLm
Remember to submit your cover letter and resume!

  • David Chen

    I really wish I could work for Wong Fu ! But I’m only 16 – made a couple of short films, meet the requirements of the internship and in Sydney Australia :( xD sigh…

    • Jessica

      Same here! I have the same exact problem as well! Unless…They start to do via Skype/Media intern-type deals then we both can haha~ Travel to Vancouver and the North-West more guys! ^-^

      • David Chen

        Yeh! Haha. Let’s just hope there are more opportunities in the future :) ~ Come to Sydney Australia instead :P

    • https://www.facebook.com/BUU133 Paul Buu Lee

      I feel you man, same problem with me, too :(
      Honestly, I love Wong Fu Productions, and to miss out on this great opportunity….*sob*
      Oh wells, hopefully they come to Toronto, Ontario, Canada one day and shoot some stuff

  • Ivan

    agh, I would apply if I lived in LA! almost 18 too :(

    • Heather Driggars

      I feel that same way but am 22 and no experience in what they need.

      • YLJessica

        Same! I’m 18 almost 19 tho.

  • Sheena Zee

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS……the problem is, I live half way round the world.. :’( Its like I’m happy and sad at the same time :’(

  • Nonymous

    I would love to work for WongFu too, but I live in GA and is still finishing my last semester of high school

  • Susan Dang

    I would love to work for WongFu too, but I live in GA and is still finishing my last semester of high school

  • http://andhiandtina.wordpress.com/ Andy Tang

    I had ideas once upon a time.

  • Mohammed Muhaimenur Chowdhury

    I am old enough, but I live in Toronto, Canada. Is the post for everyone in the world or just people living around LA?

    • Fred

      Unfortunately, it says in the application form that the location is LA :(

  • Davidf

    will they have a company car :D
    guys get it?

  • fishcakemonster

    YAYYY~~~ it’s the time where WF are looking for people again! :D and I’m all the way here in Malaysia……editing news videos instead…. :( well at least I’d get to improve my editing skills…..

  • andrewphanmedia

    WHY! I would love to work for you! Save me a spot in 2 years!

  • Wendy

    What are the time frames for these two positions?

  • Kish Lansangan

    Let me finish my degree in digital filmmaking and I’ll get back to you on this. I only have 1 year left. I REALLY WANT TO BE AN INTERN!!

  • Lydia Rhiannon

    Well this would be an opportunity of a lifetime……. if I wasn’t stuck on the east coast :(

  • Jean

    They seem to lack in racial diversity…

    • thisisaname


  • thisisaname

    Three questions about the internship if you don’t mind answering:

    When are applications due, and if accepted, when would we hear back and start (summer, spring, any time)?

    Thank you! Very excited about this opportunity. :)

  • Steven Thai

    I want to be paid in croutons…

  • Josh

    I’m a big fan of Wong Fu and I love to be in their team. But I can’t any nearer because I’m in Philippines. Hey Phil!

    • Josh

      *get any

  • ferdowsa

    :( wanffu come over to london … I would really like to work with u guys, yoo theres another problems im also 16 wow, im just bad luck. Well who ever gets the spot have fun and be yourself ;)

  • http://creativeinthearts.blogspot.co.uk/ Fatema

    This is the most perfect opportunity ever, but sadly I am based in the UK! Why does the USA have to be so far away :/.

  • xinjei19

    are you guys still accepting applicants ??

  • Hannah H.

    DAMN I’m from singapore so this internship is near impossible. there’re so many people around the world who wish to apply. (could you open an international office ;) )

  • Wongie

    Oh man… If only I could join… :’( Too bad I’m fifteen ;P

  • Mathilda

    So much fun when you live in Sweden and this is your bloody dream. :c

  • Lili Guo

    I would like to work with you but I’m way too young!!! Im 12… Well, save a place for me in 6 years!

  • Rachel

    I wanna work here!!! But I’m still 13! :( :( sad, the videos that Wong Fu Productions made were amazing!!! But I don’t live in that country so… ;(;(