(Yes, thats me. Taking a shameless selfie on set…)

Hi guys!  I’m Jillian, another one of the new interns here at Wong Fu Productions!  I’m a film student and a senior at Cal State LA.  With graduation up ahead, I am very lucky to finish off my last year by becoming a part of the Wong Fu Family.  I’m extremely lucky to be able to work with the creators of some my favorite videos online, such as “Just a Nice Guy,” “Strangers, again,” and “When Five Fell.”

Growing up in a Filipino household, my family naturally assumed I would take on a career in medicine, specifically nursing.  However, I broke away from that tradition still not knowing what my ideal career path would be.  While I knew I wanted to have a career that would bring me more happiness instead of more money, I thought a lot about what I loved to do.  I loved to watch movies.  I’ve watched a variety of films and have always asked the screen, “HOW DO THEY DO THAT?”  From then on, I decided to take a chance and to learn the entire movie making process.  I was determined to learn how to create successful and meaningful media that would make an influence and affect the audience.

As a film student, learning about film and media in school is very different from learning about the industry and the business.  Previously, I have interned for two other companies and you rarely discuss the material you learn in class with your co-workers or superiors.  Before Wong Fu, I interned for Jerry Bruckheimer Films and it was a very different work environment.  Of course, as an intern, I was at the very bottom of the food chain. Still, it was important to have a positive attitude, keep an open mind, and also have really good work ethics.  While all of that still applies to working with Wong Fu, I feel a closer bond and relationship with everyone in the office.

After a month of being a part of the team, I’ve also been exposed to the hardworking and professional side of Wong Fu.  Despite all the fun and laughter that takes place on and off screen, we also get down to business.  Although we are interns, we are given the independence to handle specific tasks in the midst of preparing for our feature.  We now hold responsibilities that not only affect our positions as interns but also affects the company as a whole.

So, how did I end up here?  Here with a group of incredibly talented and genuinely nice people?  If anything, I like to call it luck.  I saw the Facebook post on their page, took a chance and applied!   It just goes to show that anyone can successfully chase their dreams and passion.   Give yourself a chance and believe in yourself.

Stay tuned for more posts about me, Melody, and Neil!  We’ll even update you all on Wong Fu’s life in the office, on set, and behind the scenes!

Yours truly,

  • Carmen

    You are my hero!

  • Lynn

    hope to see your name in the credits soon! =D

  • Lissa Lopez

    im jealous!!!! good for you and goodluck! fellow Filipina here!

  • AJ Dy

    A Filipino in Wong Fu!!! So jelous!!

  • hydee templo

    Keep it up Jilian.. We Filipinos are proud of you.Chase your dream and hope to see many of your works soon.