Hello Everyone!

We hope you guys are enjoying the summer so far! The heat is definitely increasing in LA, and so is our workload. The office has been super busy prepping for the movie, but we did manage to squeeze in some laughs here and there.

So what exactly have we been up to these past few months?

We are still shooting content for the Youtube channel! OOO Look it’s Victoria Park!
Aww how cute is Christine?! She had to hold the pole, because it was making too much noise on set.
Most of the time has been dedicated to planning this feature! Decisions decisions!
Heading to our first location scout for the movie!
Spencer and Phil having a quick power nap…Oh no! He caught us!
In between meetings and projects, the team likes to share videos they stumbled upon. Were we watching a Ryan Higa video or the jumping Corgi video?

Taylor getting ready to film Phil for “You’re Doing it Wrong!”
Watch it here: http://youtu.be/oBlHEqqWu3s
It’s #Philarious! hahaha!


Taylor had NO idea Chris was underneath the desk!
Chris: Hey Tay…Tay..
Taylor: O_O…huh (looks down)…AHH OH SHOOT!

Of course we end our days with the foosball! Did you know Chris is the ULTIMATE player?! He’s undefeated!

Latest Event: Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival!
Supporting the team on their panel!

YAY! The Wong Fu Family :)

We hope you enjoyed these behind the scene photos! We will try to take more, so you guys can see what’s going on with team. Now, who wants to challenge Chris to foosball?! haha


Melody, Neil, and Jillian

  • Dan

    do I get a prize if I beat Chris in Foosball? Like a trophy? :)

  • Guest

    OH I can’t wait til seeing your movie , specially it looks promising for the behind the scenes 8D

    Btw, I wanted to make a new comment about “The other side of yesterday”, my youtube account has been acting up so I can’t leave a comment there.

    I’m the same one who said let it get checked and betaread just like I do in fanfiction xD

    I have to say, this video was a whole Lot better done than the “A world away”, A world away was really good but a key thing did miss which is to feel for the viewer. “The other side of yesterday” had the philosophical touch explained greatly, I liked the twist at the end where she wanted to kill herself but stopped since she moved on in life. I liked the analogy of the sand as well as the great background music choice and I personally found the acting great and emotional moment described and done great. Obviously nothing is perfect, the acting was great but could have been better just a tiiiiiiny little bit or the dialogues (which were great) but could have been a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny little bit better. I personally believe it was a great touching video, and I like the idea of Wong fu making funny videos (job expectations) as well as emotional touching video like “the other side of yesterday”.

    I’ve realised people are making unnecessary comments that it was cliche (definately NOT this time and cliche means something ELSE) or it not feeling right ( I think they’re are prejudice now due to A world away) but I say this one was an amazing video!

  • Guest

    *sigh* I miss seeing Ted, he could come in front the camera every now and then. ^^’

  • Sara W

    What about air hockey?!?!

  • Kat

    San Diego comic con this year please?

  • myka

    what the fudge happened to ted? “-.-

  • Sim

    OMG I love both you and Ryan Higa so finding out you watch him just made my heart explode