Hi everyone!

By now, I hope you’ve seen our music video for “Write it in the Sky” Remix. It was one of the most challenging projects for us for a number of reasons. We were on a tight schedule because of the Mobile Mix campaign. The EDM genre was something new to us as well. The video’s genre had some science fiction elements that we had little experience with. This would require a higher degree of visual effects and props. Logistically, the locations for the narrative and performances required in-depth scouting. That’s just to name a few challenges.

Like most music videos we’ve made, creating storyboards was extremely helpful. We don’t usually storyboard all our short films. But for some reason, I find it necessary for music videos especially. A lot is crammed into music videos. Storyboards help to map the story arch, pacing, and general structure of the video.

One of the reasons why we’re so proud of this music video is because it translated so perfectly from storyboard to screen. Very little had to be sacrificed in terms of creative vision. As you’ll see in this side-by-side comparison, the previsualization matches almost seamlessly with the final product. Enjoy! :D

- Wes


  • Yui Katsuragi

    You guys made an amazing music video for Kina. Everything looks amazing, it’s incredible. You guys are so talented.

  • Mona Singh

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  • Srh

    Awesome. Good job guys!

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