It’s been a long journey since we wrapped. An intense post production period, an exciting premiere at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, and an uplifting promotional tour around the country. And now… it’s available for you to finally watch. Check out the trailer below…

Exclusively through Vimeo to RENT or BUY digitally. You can use your devices, smartTVs, Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, AppleFire and XBOX. You can also buy a BUNDLE with the official movie poster. It’s all available at


There’ve been some common questions about the movie’s release, so we addressed many of them in this video…

Thank you for making this dream a reality. This project spanned 3 years of Wong Fu Productions, and all our short films and sketches have lead up to this point. You made this happen through your support both in spirit and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

This isn’t the end for the movie however. We still have plans for a HUGE Fall screening TOUR around the world, we will be making more merchandise as well as the DVD/BluRay, many more PERKS are still set to go out, and we will even have a spinoff short (as promised) to make. We’ll keep you update here and on all our social media!

Please SPREAD THE WORD! Share the news with your friends. If you liked it please encourage them to support the film. We need the community to get behind projects like this to show that independent filmmakers, and Asian Americans, have a place in Hollywood! You are part of this movement.

-Wong Fu Productions

  • Usman M

    Man this movie sucked as much as the trailer….