We are looking for some hard working, talented, enthusiastic, and passionate people to be a part of our Wong Fu team!

If you are all of those things and have wondered what it was like to work here at Wong Fu Productions, take a look down below and send us your applications! We’re excited to hear from you.




+ Visual/Motion Graphics Design

WFP is providing an internship opportunity for graphics work and post-production. We are looking for an energetic, driven, and positive team player who is passionate about working in new media. The ideal candidate must already have an eye for aesthetics and composition and want to develop his or her skill.

The intern will be working with the current visual/motion designer (Kenson), and will be provided some mentorship opportunities.
**Please note candidates must be able to dedicate at least three days per week in office in order to be eligible.

Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/axpFh7dvkd
Remember to submit your portfolio/reel, cover letter, and resume to be considered!


Video Editor and Camera Operator

WFP seeks a part-time assistant video editor and camera operator who can be able to handle multiple projects and meet weekly deadlines. The ideal person must work efficiently with an intuitive storytelling ability. While the focus of this position is video editing and camera operating, he/she should be flexible to take on other roles such as audio mixer and grip.

**Please note candidates must be able to dedicate at least three days per week in office in order to be eligible.

Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/TfsKB1q2zm
Remember to submit your reel, cover letter, and resume to be considered!

  • Nina

    I feel like I should change my major so I can get an internship here someday. Maybe someday they will need a physical therapist on set :)

    • Hi

      Actually, the director of “Suicide Squad” hired a therapist on set so that the cast wouldn’t be too deep into their characters – which are pretty dark.

      So unless Wong Fu is making a something that has insanely dark characters, so much so that the actors/actresses have to talk to a therapist on set to make sure they don’t tap too deep into their characters…


      • Caramel

        That’s not what a physical therapist is? At least I don’t think so? I thought a physical therapist is someone who helped people recover and deal with pain after an injury.

  • Jane K

    I feel the same…wish I had an eye on composition so I can work for WFP…Maybe someday they would need a legal assistant…

  • Koob Meej Xyooj

    are these internships still available?

  • Angela

    Only if i live in america :( save me a spot for design ay? see you guys in a few years! Hopefully

  • Jess

    I literally check this every 3-6 months to see if they need any other assistants