What if a silly little promise you made when you were younger, came back around when you least expected it? In our new short, Peter and Joanna, good friends from high school reconnect after loosing touch 13 years ago. The 20s went by much faster than they thought, and the pressures of growing up make them revisit and old deal they made.

We hope you enjoyed this short. If it felt like a full length TV episode, well, that’s because it sorta was supposed to be. We worked with New Form Digital to create a pilot presentation, basically a smaller/shorter version of a larger idea that we want to eventually create. We have a lot more of Peter and Joanna’s story to tell, and hopefully we will get the opportunity to. If this first episode does well (people watch it, enjoy it, ask for more), then New Form Digital will have a better chance of helping us continue the project!

Where’d the concept come from?

You’d think that because we just turned 30, that this idea came from us remembering a promise we made with an old friend, huh? haha Nope. We actually first had this idea several years ago, as we were approaching 30. Now that we’re actually here, the meaning and motivations of the characters definitely make a lot more sense to us. As you get older, the pressure from parents, friends, and society to settle down become greater. We start questioning if we’re making the right choices and perhaps even worry when it’ll all make sense. This might lead to some rash decisions, like the ones Joanna and Peter make.

Where is the story going?
Well the first thing that needs to happen is, Joanna and Peter need to set the terms, they need to make a plan. How are they going to find someone else? They need to understand each other’s types and what they’re looking for if they’re going to set one another up. Double dates? Disaster dates? Through this process, the urgency will grow, as will their understanding of themselves and each other. Maybe it all blows up in their face, maybe they actually do try dating each other and find out they’re terrible together. The situation they’ve put themselves in, and with this deadline can lead to a lot of fun, and drama.

Let’s go back to 2002!

We definitely want to show more of their relationship when they were in high school. A really fun part of this shoot was going back in time, making a “period piece” in some way. I think older people will enjoy the trips down memory lane, nostalgic of the clothes and awkwardness of high school. There’s a lot we can learn by looking back!

Production was crazy!

We shot all of this in 3 super fast days. With so many scenes and flashbacks, we had to work very efficiently. Special thanks to the skeleton crew we had. Awesome job to Christine our producer. And huge thanks to George Shaw for composing a beautiful score that really elevated the scenes!

Thanks for watching our latest project. Hopefully we can expand the story in the near future! In the meantime, if more Wong Fu is what you’re craving.. be sure to check out our movie! That’s almost 100 minutes of WF straight! ;P You can rent or buy it at http://everythingbeforeusmovie.com

  • Helen HILL

    Did you guys realize that you cast the same people from “The Last” xD Because Single By 30 definitely seems like a prequel to that!

  • Cassie Banks

    “Maybe it all blows up in their face, maybe they actually do try dating each other and find out they’re terrible together.” Blasphemy! First of all, their chemistry is great. They trust each other enough to share their most intimate issues. They both want a family and because they’ve entered into an agreement that helps them find each other a prospective partner they’ll be able to talk over issues (who’s willing to move where if a job opens up, etc.) in the name of trying to figure out whether someone would be a good match for them. They can’t help but learn more about themselves and what makes them right for one another. @HelenHill is right, they’ve already proven they are right for each other in “The Last.” Try not to take the lazy way out by breaking them up. Be the innovative writers we know you to be and write a love story that can stand the test of time. Besides, you owe the fandom a happy ending after ***SPOILERS*** ;-) Just saying…

  • LittleDebster

    Oh my goodness! I love the concept of the whole video and how it progressed. My friends and I talk about this every once in a while and we’re all college students. It’s makes me wonder if I genuinely think of my friends as possible back-up wives or husbands.

    ANYWAY. I really hope this video gets a whole bunch of attention so that it could become something bigger. I am so proud of WongFu and what you guys have been doing. It’s been a pleasure watching you guys grow into marvelous creators. I wish you all the best and I look forward to whatever comes next in the WongFu universe!~ <3

  • http://last.fm/user/shnickyfan prisyuen

    definitely want more! i sent this video to my friend who is turning 30 in 7 months, she watched it. and her first comment was ‘is there a “married by 31″????’ hahahaha
    once again, you guys never fails to play with ppl’s emotions yet make them laugh at the same time. thanks for telling super real stories, that also give the singles hope… maybe…
    hope you guys get the chance to make more of this!

  • Ashley

    I definitely want more!!! I would love to watch this as a series.

  • AliasJohn

    possible prequel to the last if anyone remembers that video?

  • SpaceFarmer Tim

    more please!!!!

  • haylie

    Good job Wong Fu! Please do make this into a series. This story line is crazy and yet approachable. The characters are relatable as well! 1 Episode is just not enough for all curious viewers like me haha~ I look forward to a full production! Best of luck.

  • Gin_nTonik

    Need Moar!

  • Stella Cai

    loved it!! make more episodes please!!

  • Praise Lee Byun

    thanks for the walk down memory lane, to reminisce back to H.S. day and my 20′s. Hope to see more!

  • Justin BigboiRave Richardson

    I have been waiting for a long time for a show that I can relate to personally around my age group. I’m 27 now and I just might take the pledge

  • billp

    I’m living in Germany and I’m a big fan of your work. AND I’m a huge fan of Kina Grannis. Imagine my disappointment when I attempted to watch the second episode of “Single by 30″ and I was unable to find any means to pay for it. Google Play wouldn’t come up with it and I can’t even hook in for the free month on YouTube Red. Why don’t you put the series up on Vimeo On Demand and I’ll happily pay for it?