Dream, come, true! After years of exploring McD’s around the world, and proclaiming our love for McNuggets, we’re finally teaming up with McDonald’s for the first time. And not just to make fun videos, but to also get you involved! We’re doing a fun contest that’s super fun and simple and you could win a surprise delivery of McDonald’s food FROM US!

All you have to do is…

1) Take a picture with someone you love, and tell us how you show them you love or care for them in your own unique way!

2) Use the hashtag #didyoueatyet on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook so we can find your posts and also tag @McDonalds and @WongFuPro.

3) We’ll look through the best posts and Five (5) lucky winners will be chosen. Read the official sweepstakes rules here (LINK)

Good luck and don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family that you love them! Can’t wait to see your posts!