Just in time for Christmas and the holiday season we’re glad to finally share with you a new video, inspired by our own families growing up and our partnership with McDonald’s and their #DidYouEatYet campaign.

Our parents had a special way with words when we were younger, but now that we’re grown up, we can see what they “really” meant with their nagging and their rules. Watch to see if your parents were like this, and maybe you’ll feel like you understand them better after watching.

Hope you liked it! Now go ask your parents “did you eat yet?”, or just say “I love you” haha. Fun fact, the Mom in the short is Phil’s actual mom! It was her first time acting! :)

Check out our Lunch Break episode where we called them to say “I love you”… it was super awkward.

And while we’re in the holiday spirit, join our office for our FIRST Secret Santa! The gifts we ended up getting each other are hilarious!

Happy Holidays!!

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