Everything Before Us

Everything Before Us




    We’re so excited to announce a special screening of Everything Before Us happening in Arcadia, CA! Date: Saturday, September 26 Time: 6:30PM Location: Arcadia Performing Arts Center Tickets: $15 General Admission, $25 Orchestra VIP Seating www.arcadiapaf.org   There will be food trucks, Wong Fu merch, and a special meet and greet! We can’t [...]

We are looking for some hard working, talented, enthusiastic, and passionate people to be a part of our Wong Fu team! If you are all of those things and have wondered what it was like to work here at Wong Fu Productions, take a look down below and send us your applications! We’re excited to [...]

What if a silly little promise you made when you were younger, came back around when you least expected it? In our new short, Peter and Joanna, good friends from high school reconnect after loosing touch 13 years ago. The 20s went by much faster than they thought, and the pressures of growing up make [...]

OUR MOVIE IS RELEASED!!  It’s been a long journey since we wrapped. An intense post production period, an exciting premiere at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, and an uplifting promotional tour around the country. And now… it’s available for you to finally watch. Check out the trailer below… Exclusively through Vimeo to RENT or BUY digitally. [...]

Hi everyone! By now, I hope you’ve seen our music video for “Write it in the Sky” Remix. It was one of the most challenging projects for us for a number of reasons. We were on a tight schedule because of the Mobile Mix campaign. The EDM genre was something new to us as well. [...]

Before there was this guy… There was a Wong Fu Productions fan at UC Berkeley, but I’ll get to that story later. For now, let’s take a fun trip down memory lane of all the roles our good friend Ki Hong Lee played in WF’s past work. Take it Slow Ki Hong’s first appearance in [...]

Our latest short film “After Us” is an important project to us because the inspiration behind the project came from a few different places. While we’ve noticed several comments saying this was “just another romantic short”, or “more of the same from WFP”, most people won’t even realize that this project was the culmination and [...]

We’re going to be at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 with our Awkward Animal booth, we’ll have lots of freebies so please stop by and say hello! (click on map to enlarge)

New Videos

  • After Us

    After Us

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    The Best Third Wheel in the World

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    The Other Side of Yesterday

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    Do you love your job? – Job Expectations

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    A World Away

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    This is how we never made up

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    Accidental Racism

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    Is it Creepy or Romantic?

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    Friends vs. More Than Friends

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    ONE ft. Wang Leehom

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    If 2 Million Never Happened

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    BEST OF LONDON – Music-ish Video

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    Crush the Skull 2

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    Elbow Flirting – Awksome Adventures #2

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    Real Friends 2

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    To Those Nights

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